4 important reasons why you should go live abroad

Reasons why you should go live abroad

Good morning,

How are you doing ? Today I am going to tell you my 5 reasons why you should live abroad at least once in your life !

From other posts you have probably already figured out that I am currently living in Barcelona (Spain), but what you don’t know yet is that I have already lived in Italy and that I am originally German.

I love living abroad, changing cities, languages and countries and  today I am going to tell you why!

1. You will open your mind

There are so many things that you are sure of and will remain perplex how wrong you have been. I remember going to italy I was sure that there is not a big difference in culture. I have been there over years for holidays and knew how the turist life there was, but I know now, that I had no idea about how life was there.

I fell in love with a country in a way that I did not think it was possible. Now in Spain I was sure it was so similar to italy and here I was wrong again.

Through to my years abroad I met so many international people, I have friends all over the world and if you once enter the travel community you don’t ever want to miss it again.

You will learn how to figure things out even though you don’t speak the local languages and even though you don’t understand their systems.

You will ask people for help and help out randome people, because that is what you do, when you know how it is.

Most of my good friends have travelled even more and I am not yet finished with this afventure, there are so many amazing cities to know, so many country’s to see and so many amazing people to meet. Dubai, Paris, NYC, Rio …. my list has no end, yet.

2. You will learn a new language

This is something very beneficial for each and everyone of us.  Learning a new language helps us to understand other cultures better and be able to actually live the way the people of the place do. Trust me, there is no way you can experiment a country the same way if you are only communicating in english.

Here you can find all my tips and tricks on how to easiest learn a new language!

3. You appreciate things more

Yes, you will start to appreciate things more. If it is something from your home country you are missing a lot or something new you are figuring out in the place you are living at, you are definitely starting to appreciate things differently and give them more value.

It could be a certain type of food you are missing or you could feel alone and start to understand how amazing your friends are, you could miss speaking your home language.

There are so many ways of learning this, but the best one is if you live through this first period and work to get to the moment where you  fall in love with a certain fruit that you have never heard of back home, where you meet the most funny person you could ever image, where you speak a new language and start to understand the culture or simply when you have one of those moments, when you know you made it – and at the end it wasn’t that hard! 😉

4. New experiences, new culture, new you

You know like everyone that has travelled a lot is telling you that it has changed him/her? Well trust them!

I remember moving to italy as a girl, that was still figuring out who she was, not liking most of the dishes, being picky in general and figuring out how to live alone and how to get along alone. This might be the hardest step as you’ll start with zero. If you’re in a different country and you don’t know how the heating works with minus 10 degrees trust me, you’ll find a solution. What I learned, no doesn’t always mean no.

Sometimes you just have to ask a second time or explain why it is that important for you.

Same goes with flavours and the taste you developed over the years, trust me – if I can change that, you can !

It’s not about what do you need to do or what is nevessary to be experiences it is more to learn how to react if something unexpected and Unknown happens. You’ll feel like you can handle anything afterwards, trust me!
I know living abroad is probably not for all of the people reading this post, however I would recommend to at least try the experience once to every single one of you. We are not all the same, but if you enjoy it, like I do, or you don’t, it will still learn you the same things!

Best, Be-Sparkling

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