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Be-sparkling is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blog meant to inspire.

The blog touches topics around good style, individualism and attitude. It is a source of inspiration that focuses on luxury and professional lifestyle mainly written for women that are always driven from the need to learn and the wish to grow.

Important: All topics and ideas given on this blog, also if sponsored, are 100% Miriam’s style, taste and personal opinion.

About Style

The category Be-Stylish focuses on everything, that is visual. It is the outer shell of Be-Sparkling.

Style is to be defined individually and not everything, that looks good on one person, does also look good on another.

The blog does not talk about fashion, fashion is something that passes away one season after another, but style stays forever.

Miriam has learned from her own experience as a ‘fashion stylist ‘ and ‘fashion designer’, that style follows no rules. Also if this is true, for some people it is helpful to go with some basic inspirational ideas in order to find and create their own style.

Having a good style is about much more than wearing a beautiful dress. It is about the attitude with which you present it. You have to define yourself, then you should dress, and live accordingly.

About Travel

The category Be-Travelled is one of the inner cores of the definition ‘Sparkling’.

A sparkling person is not only visually good dressed and cared for, but also has the knowledge and experience of a travelled woman. Travelling helps you grow personally and is also one of the most beautiful things in the world. Travelling lets you become independent, makes you curious of other ways of life and gives you the possibility to learn from the beauty this world has to offer.

Miriam also in this case speaks from her own experiences as she is explaining in the first blog post:

The first time I took a plane I was nearly 6months old. I think my mother put the sense of curiosity in me from the very beginning. I have seen so many exiting places and I will be discovering so many more.

With this she decided to share her experiences through the blog, hoping to inspire the one or the other to go, and travel the world herselve.

The travel style of Be-Sparkling is focused on the luxury lifestyle, but always focusing on meeting the people and culture of the place.

About Being Professional

Be-Professional is the second inner core that defines the Sparkling Women on the blog. It is focused on young professionals, in the business of fashion, that want to grow and get inspired by experiences and stories from our leading fashion professionals of the world.

Be-Professional is not only written and based upon Miriam’s personal experience but instead focuses on extensive research and interviews to define the quality of these blog posts.

Being professional is the essential part in landing a first job, in growing and learning the best you can, as well as for becoming someone that really has earned the right, to say something in a determent sector.

But the most important is, you should find your own ‘Sparkle’ !!!

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