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For a long time I didn’t have an ‘About Me’ Page, because the blog should be about you guys and not about me, but I forgot that some of you might get curious about the person behind the screen. So after some nice requests, here you go !!

Who am I?

Well, Miriam, a 27 years old German girl living and loving life. I think that the blog represents a big part of me and who I am continuously working on beeing.

I am a person filled with different interest, a big positivity and the wish to enjoy every single moment that I am experiencing. I work in Marketing, PR and Event Management, and have been living in Germany, Italy and Spain throughout the past years.

Loving Fashion, Travel and my work is something you can live directly through the blog – so please let me know if you should miss anything 😉

Why do I write about Style?

I am a Fashion designer, I have worked as a stylist in Milan and I have been in love with style every moment I can think of. I started to love style, fashion, art and anything aesthetic long before I understood its meaning and power.

There is no fixed line or rules when you talk about Style, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid trends or design-norms. You should use them as a canvas and adapt them the way you like.

Style is powerful, because it can influence the way people think about you – and even more important, it can change the way you think about yourself.

Yes, I am from the field and I know about trends, about the ‘style guides’ and about norms, but that doesn’t mean that I am right for each one of you.

I want to inspire through outfits, ideas and anything aesthetic. More than giving you rules I want to help you to find your own voice, I want you to be and feel like no one else but YOURSELF!

Why do I write about Travel?

I have always been and I am travelling whenever I can. I think my mom gave this to me as she took me on the plane when I haven’t even completed the first year of life!

I have lived in 3 different countries and have taken so many amazing experiences from it.

I want to give you guys the possibility to live the places the way I did. I have met so many people who travelled and didn’t know where to go, or how to prepare themselves for it. So I want to give back from what I have learned and am still learning every trip at a time.

I think travelling can open up your mind and give you a new view on the world, will make you understand cultures and see some of the most beautiful places.

In a world like today it has become always more and more important to have some international experience and to show that you have understood that people have different believes but are still the same, all over the world!

Why do I write about Work?

This is my newest topic and the one I am still trying to decide its final direction. So if there are any articles you are missing or topics you’d like to read about just let me know!

Before I started my first job I have been searching all over the Internet for the best tips on how to apply for a job and how to present yourself as a professional in your industry. It is the most difficult to sell yourself for a job when you’re still not sure what the job is going to be about. If it’s your first work experience and it is difficult to understand work ethics and know what a day-to-day actually looks like.

I have presented myself a million times when I worked as a freelancer, I have done a lot of different interviews, I have created a great and special CV, I have great experience in Marketing, Fashion, Events and Brand management.

Now I am hoping to make it for people easier and more fun to look for a job, to grow professionally and learn everyday something new.

I have learned that in business things work differently in every company, with every boss or interviewer. So all articles are influenced by my experience, but researched by talking with people you could potentially have in front of you one day as your boss or interviewer.

Weird facts about me

  • I am crazy about sweets. My last room mate once entered my room, when I was studying for an exam. I was sitting on my bed and all around me were chocolate papers…
  • The moment I work best is at night, that is when I write my blog posts.
  • The first time I said: ‘Mom, I’m leaving now, I need to discover the world!’ was when I was 3 years old!
  • If you believe it or not when I was 15 years old, I was a little computer freak playing World of Warcraft  through the nights!
  • My hair cut is a Do-it-Yourself ! first time it went so terribly wrong, that I had to cut my hair 15cm shorter just to save it – but by today it works fine!
  • When I finished my school I had to decide weather I wanted to finally study mathematics, law, fashion design, marketing, architecture or psychology. I’ve so many interests, it took me a long time to decide on the blog’s topics as well!
  • Fashion design has grown in me since I was little. The first time I destroyed a perfectly nice shirt just because I wanted to make it more ‘Fashion’ was with 10, the first piece made all by myself was with 12, after this my mom signed me up for a sewing course.
  • I am a big fan of great horror / psychology movies, but I have barely seen a good one. If you have any tips just let me know in the comments below 😉

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Have a great day and remember to always be SPARKLING!


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