Pegasus Airline Review
Pegasus Airline Review 'Be-Travelled'

Pegasus Airline Review

Here is a new chapter that I will include in my blog, honest and real experiences on airline reviews, today: The Pegasus Airline.

  • Sparkling Rating: 6,5/10
  • Contact: 00 90 850 250 6777 (general number) Here you can find the specific number for your country 
  • Website

The overall experience with Pegasus was good. The flight tickets are way cheaper than most of the trips you can find, but you always should calculate some extra time for some short delay. Most of the long distance flights have stop-overs in Turkey, so make sure to evaluate if the cheaper price is worth the time you’ll loose for that.

The flight was normal and without any problems or difficulties and the staff was friendly.

The booking process

Pegasus gives you the opportunity to add ‘flexible dates’ during your booking process, which will help you save serious money while just changing the flight on maybe one day.

After processing your wished travel date you’ll get the possibility to choose from four options: Basic, Essential, Advantage and Extra.

As price increases you’ll get extras to add to your flight. Please note that the ‘Basic Fair’ does not include anything but the flight itself, so no meal, no seat choice or luggage.

Tip: Include your luggage or meal at this stage, adding the single packages at a later stage increases the price!

After this the booking process is simple and similar to any flight booking process. No weird information is being asked and no secret costs increased.

Check in & Info

It is important that you remember to check-in yourself wherever possible, otherwise they might ask you for an extra fee. There are two options you can check-in free of charge:

Online check-in: 72h – 3h prior to the flight. This is only possible for some of the airports Pegasus is flying to.
Self service desks: As of 20h prior to the flight at the airport there are self-service desks for your check-in available.

  • Aiport present time: 2 hours prior to your flight
  • Check in closes: 30min prior to flight (domestic) and 45min (international)
  • Cabin Bag: 1 Piece – max 8Kg (20 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm)
  • Checked Bag: Depending on Purchase 20Kg – up to 32 Kg
  • Boarding: Closes 10 min prior to flight
  • Meals: Need to be ordered up to 24h prior to the flight

Tip: Always confirm the information on the Pegasus Website, to be sure that there are no changes. 

The flight

The waiting line on the check-in was taking away quite some time, on all 4 flights that I had with Pegasus Airline. But the flight personnel was friendly and helpful.

It is a low cost airline and for what you pay less you usually loose some comfort – this is how the world works. The airspace is not big, so if you’re a tall person you should try to get one of the extra-leg-space seats. But in general the flight was pretty similar to most flights I have taken, everything is hurting after a some-hour trip (which I never not had).

But the flight was calm, the pilot seamed to know what he does. However one point that you are reading all over the internet is that the plane is often late on arrival, which I unfortunately have to confirm 3 of my four flights taken were late.

I hope the review for Pegasus Airline was helpful and please let me know should you see any changes in the future on the information given.

Best, Be-Sparkling!


  1. Veronica

    Cheap is not always best! Far not always.
    I personally would prefer to save time instead. But for going to Turkey it is a perfect option, isn’t it?

    1. Miriam Ernst Author

      Well I agree, if you travel for view days time is everything, however if you travel for a longer time a quick stop is fine I guess. Then you have some spare money to do an extra trip 😉

  2. EG III

    I’ve never flown with them, but it’s always good to hear reviews about the varying budget airlines. Thanks for putting together this info…I’ll have to seriously consider them next time I travel.

  3. Back when I was based in Europe, I think I saw their planes at some airports. Frankly, there are so many low-cost airlines these days that it’s hard to keep tabs on them. Thanks for an unbiased review. Looks like they are an average budget airline. If by any chance, they pop up somewhere on my way, I may consider flying with them based on your opinion. Happy travels!


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