Barcelona City Escape: Sant Miquel del Fai
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Sant Miquel del Fai


You’re already used to my Barcelona escape posts. I just can’t stay for too long in one place. So here goes another one: Sant Miguel del Fai.

This is an old monastery just about an hour drive from Barcelona. The road to get there is already spectacular to see. The rocks and cliffs remind me of the canyons you can find in the USA and give a peaceful yet powerful view.

How to get to Sant Miquel del Fai?

A car is a must. I am not sure if they offer organised visits from Barcelona, but also if they don’t just rent a car for a day and drive there yourself!

The view of the road is already spectacular and you will enjoy especially the last part of your drive.

From Barcelona it is circa 1 hour.

What can I do there?

First of all you can breath fresh and clean air in a beautiful environment. The monastery Sant Miguel Del Fai is a place to walk, go in two separated caves and discover the beauty of the stones here within.

Walk under a waterfall and enjoy the view on the ‘European Canyons’.
What to think about?

First of all be sure to wear flat shoes. I am a heel walker and because of that wasn’t able to enter the second cave, which is the more beautiful one! This was a pity!

Be sure to eat something before you go here or to buy something at the pick-nick area! The taste is good bus as I remember the bread was eaten after half an hour that I arrived there and the guests had to wait for another half an hour till the new bread was ready. Bring time!

Leave your bag and jacket in the car, the little walk in the sun will warm you up and the bag is only in the way of feeling free and get loose.

And then?

Then I’d suggest you to head back to the city and on the way stop for a typical Catalan lunch or dinner. My suggestion is to go to the restaurant Can Burgués. A friend of mine brought us here after our trip to Sant Miguel Del Fai and I simply loved it.

It is on the way to Barcelona, the personnel is friendly and the food is delicious. And as you’re outside of the typical tourist areas the food is even super cheap !

I hope you’ll have such a lovely day there as I had!
Best, Be-Sparkling!


  1. vishvarsha

    European canyons itself made this place sound all interesting and beautiful. Thanks to your post I now know of some really offbeat area near Barca! 🙂

  2. travelerettenyc

    I’ve never heard of San Miquel del Fai. It sounds so interesting and I’d love to see the canyons. It’s amazing how many things there are to do in and near Barcelona. I feel it would take a month to do them all!

  3. Monasteries are calm quiet places, I love visiting them. Though I spent few days in Barcelona couldn’t do such off beat locations, I did the usual touristy stuffs.
    Heels are a big no for me while traveling. Too bad you missed the cave.

  4. Beautiful place, I also when I travel, try to see as many as possible, sometimes people can’t understand how in a short time I visit so much 😉 But I also can’t stay long in one place. Good to know about this place, when I’m in Barcelona next time, Ill try to visit!


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