Best Places to Travel 2016

Best Places to Travel 2016


Hello my dear travel lovers,
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Here you can find my complete travel guide for 2016: Which are the best places to go travel 2016?

Travel 2016: Culture and Nature

Foz do Iguacu (Brazil)

Brazil, Foz du Iguazu, waterfall, nature, betravelled, travel 2016

A country I definitely need to visit soon, Brazil. Offering you from everything, from pure nature to big city live. For do Iguacu i a park listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO.

The park is situated at the border between Brazil and Argentinia and both sides seem to be absolutely worth a visit. One of the most impressive waterfalls you can find worldwide.

Viñales (Cuba)

Viñales, Cuba, nature, view, beauty, travel 2016
Photo: Simon Matzinger

Most of you will know, that Cuba is in a huge transformation phase. After opening its borders, Cuba is changing every day. Soon it won’t be the country anymore, where you can not find a Mc Donald!

Cuba has beautiful places to visit and so much history through their extreme political isolation. It is worth a visit before it will be transformed and maybe turned into the main holiday location for American Spring Break traveller.

So don’t think about it, Cuba is the place to travel in 2016.  Go and life your adventure there.

Besides Havana and it’s beautiful beaches, Cuba has also extraordinary nature that needs to be visited. Viñales is one of the places where you can see this better than anywhere. Here you can fiend tobacco’s growing fields wherever your eye leads you. Deep-red earth, midgets and stunning limestones outcrops. If you like to climb, pick yourself a guide and go prove yourself at the Mogote or rent a horse and explore the backland by yourself.

Mosel wine country (Germany)

Mosel, wine country, germany, green, nature, travel 2016

The Mosel is a river flowing through three countries, which in Germany created the “Mosel wine country” a beautiful area with lots of high quality wine. It is the perfect place for whom wants to escape the heat in the summer and wants to relax in a Spa resort. The wines offered are all of high quality and you can find lots of different grapes and types. Definitely a destination for wine lovers, that want to travel in 2016.

Ubud (Indonesia)

Indonesia, Bali, Ubud, rice fields, green, nature, travel 2016

Ubud has been my destination last year and I did fell in love with this inspirational place. The town is quite small and already full of tourists, so I suggest take a hotel, that is a bit farer from the center. This will help you to enjoy the full power of Ubud. Have a look at the post that I have been writing about my adventure here and get inspired from so many great dishes and activities that are offered. If you are looking for a Spa day, having a monkey on your shoulder, or eat one of the amazing local plates – I am sure you’ll enjoy it!

Why this year? Ubud is getting more and more touristic and now it is the time to yet still enjoy a bit of its original beauty. Here and here you can find even further information about Bali.

Travel 2016: Beach


Malta, city, sea, port, sunset, travel 2016
Photo: Berit Watkin

Malta is a small island in the west of Italy, beeing one of the few islands with English as a native language, it is especially attractive for everyone, that does not speak Italian, Spanish, French or Greek. The island is magical and has beautiful beaches as well as offers a lot culture, being a country all for itself. Valletta has it’s 450th anniversary this year, so this is the moment to go and celebrate together with the locals. Malta is one of the more affordable places in the Mediterranean area but does not let you miss anything. Also a lot of movies have been filmed here and I am sure you’ll recognise the one or other location.

Isla Holbox ( Mexico)

Mexico, Island, holibox, dream, beach, sea, crystal clear, blue, travel 2016
Photo: Christopher William Adach

This little Island is situated in Yucatan. One of the view car-free islands world wide it is the perfect get away from the turistic and over filled areas like Cancun in Mexico. Holibox offers stunning beaches and offers experiences such as swimming with sharks. This year a new arty hotel is opening up and so it is the perfect moment to explore this island with style.

East Coast (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka, East coast, beach, sea, travel 2016
Photo: Shehan Obeysekera

For Thailand lovers this is the cheaper and less touristy option of a holiday. Sri Lanka has a lot to offer that Thailand is already know off, but you will find more local people, more adventure and untouched grounds but also way more poverty. The tourism in the east coast of Sri Lanka is starting to emerge only since a view years and not all the facilities are yet as nice as some tourists expect it. This is a place for adventurer, not for who wants to sip at a cocktail in a 5 star resort.

Ionian Coast (Albania)

Albania, lonian sea, island, sun, beach, blue, sea, travel 2016
Photo: Artur Malinowski

Albania is the top destination for 2016 for everyone that loves Croatia. In Albania you can find the same, beautiful coasts, but for a way lower price, less people around you and with actual sand-beaches.

The water is crystal clear and the areas are safe. Besides a beach and sea holiday, you can also learn a lot about the incredible interesting culture or have a look at one of the beautiful castles, that you can find in every area.

You will find UNESCO world heritages such as the ancient Greek city of Butrint, beautiful beaches, breathtaking lakes in the mountains and lots of friendly locals to welcome you and show you around.

Travel 2016: City

Tamil Nadu (India)

Japan, kansai, nature, temple, lake, pianos, travel 2016
Photo: Yiannis Theologos Michellis

The area of Tamil Nadu is situated in the south of India. Some years ago, these areas have been difficult to reach, however by today the transportation and streets are way better organised and it gets easier and easier to reach this area.

It is not yet a very turistic area, which mostly comes from the more complicated travel routes, but the destination in Tamil Nadu is filled with temples, that seam small cities.

The cuisine in the are of Tamil Nadu is one of the most spiciest that you can find in India and is filled with lots of different aromas. Hotels are building up faster and faster in this area and the infrastructures make it easier to travel and enjoy the holidays also in a not backpacker way. If you want to see it before all the tourists know about it, this is the year.

Brno (Czech Republic)

Greece, thessaloniki, bar, young, blue, travel 2016
Photo: Linmtheu

Brno is a great location for your travel 2016, it the second biggest city in the Czech Republic after the know city Prag. Brno is not yet a touristic high city and is known mostly for the minimalistic architecture and design. However this is changing over the time and Brno is becoming one of main destinations in the Czech Republic. The city is earning points for its food and restaurants as well as its new and special nightlife scene.

Kansai (Japan)

Japan, kansai, nature, temple, lake, pianos, travel 2016
Photo: Yiannis-Theologos Michellis

Kansai is an ancient location that offers a lot of luxury places. It is the city with the most starred restaurants worldwide. The Michelin guidebook separated the book for 2016 in 3 parts.

Kansai is a know luxury travel destination that will even acknowledge same-sex unions as the first city of Japan outside of Tokyo.

Thessaloniki (Greece)

Greece, thessaloniki, bar, young, blue, travel 2016
Photo: Linmtheu

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and in contrary to most of the touristic centres in Greece is continuously growing against the economical crisis in Europe.

In Thessaloniki it is normal to see new restaurant and bar openings on a weekly basis, this comes from the fact, that the young professionals in this city have decided to face the unemployment and crisis in a totally different way. Restaurants are including different flavours and a modern twist. Thessaloniki is offering low prices and therefore an interesting and modern destination for 2016.


Where are you planning to go in 2016?

Best, Be-Sparkling!


  1. Love your list! I am best acquainted with the Mosel area. I’ve been to Trier and nearby village Schweich a few times over the years and once stayed for about a month. It’s a lovely area, there are castles to explore, roman ruins in Trier (Porta Nigra is impressive), wineries, and generally a lot of great fun (not to mention the summer fests and carnivals). I’ve only passed through Thessaloniki on my way to and from Athens and spent a few hours on the beach, but it was lovely.

  2. I’ve been passing Brno every time when I was traveling from Poland to Vienna and back, but I have never visited the center of this city. Next time I would definitely do it!

  3. are you kidding? these places are literally paradise on earth! i am so in love with your photographs and with all the things you wrote about these stunning travel destinations!

  4. Fantastic list! There’s definitely some places I hadn’t thought about visiting. Going to Greece and Croatia this summer. But after seeing the surprising gorgeousness of Albania, I might have to add some extra time to my trip!

  5. Liz

    I love this list! Really great suggestions and I definitely picked up a few new places to check out. 🙂 I’ve been to Brno and Kansai and definitely those places need more love. <3

  6. I have only been to 3 on the list but theres a few that I’ve been meaning to get to! Glad Cuba and Sri Lanka made it on the list they are at the top of mine oh and Iceland! Happy travel! xx

  7. Of all the cities included in the list, I’ve visited Brno. And it was a pleasant surprise – we visited museums, a famous villa and other parts of the city! And bought some nice toys for our son from there :))

  8. iamsuanlee

    This is such a comprehensive list of places from around the world, really loving the variety too. I’ve taken away some really great suggestions of places to check out for future travels. Thanks!

  9. Cai Dominguez- Travelosyo

    Nice post, I will explore more of the places here in the Philippines because there are so much to see. Would love to visit Germany too. Will be traveling to Vietnam early next year 🙂

  10. carrie

    great post! I loved Ubud and I am dying to get to Cuba! I wasn’t that familiar with Albania so it was nice to read about it a little. I’ll have to look at it a bit more.

  11. The Lavish Nomad

    I already have Tamil Nadu marked off of my list 😀 Hopefully I’ll be able to travel around Sti Lanka and Indonesia. Some pretty cool spots mentioned here!

  12. Besides a beach and sea holiday, you can also learn a lot about the incredible interesting culture or have a look at one of the beautiful castles, that you can find in every area. —- This is actually one activity that I will always do when traveling. 🙂 thanks for sharing this.

    1. Miriam Ernst Author

      Absolutely, it is difficult to choose the categories of each destination! Every place has more than just one thing to offer 🙂
      Thanks for stepping by !


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