Christmas Make-up in less than 10 min

Christmas Make-up in less than 10 min

I don’t know how you guys celebrate christmas, but for me it is every year a big family event. The only one I don’t feel like missing ever. We all get dressed up nicely and meet up at one couple’s place for the celebrations. We have dinner there and exchange our presents after dessert. Then we celebrate until early morning.

Before meeting all our family members we all take some time to get pretty and put on some sparkling make-up. This year I am going to use the L’Oréal products to make a sparkling-christmas make-up and you can win exactly these products and many more for your use at home!

The Christmas Make-up

First of all I am cleaning my face kindly. Often I am even using a face scrub before applying a more detailed make-up.
Once everything is clean I am applying a moisturising creme in my face and neckline. It is important to apply enough moisture especially as you’re not able to apply any after adding your make-up.

L'Oreal, make-up, powderThen I am applying the Perfect Match Foundation from L’Oréal. It is quite thin and easily to apply evenly everywhere. Don’t forget to go a little further than your face’s surroundings as we don’t want to have any hard lines. Most of you guys will be used to apply powder afterwards, but I usually prefer to not add any. This comes mainly from my experience, that you can see it easily if someone as applied powder, not so much if someone only applies a good foundation. I am all about the fact, that make-up needs to make you look prettier, but natural.

Once you’re happy with your foundation you can apply a concealer if you feel like you need some more coverage in some places. Under the eyes or over impurities is usually where I am applying it.

Then especially in winter I am adding a little blush. In this make-up set from L’Oréal you will find two different colours of the Infallible Blush Paint I prefer the more orange one, for the same reason than above, it looks a little more natural.
I am applying just a little on the length of both my cheeks and then swipe it into my skin gently. It should only be a touch of colour which makes you look healthier, fitter and less ghosty in winter times.

L'Oreal, make-up, eye paint, eye shadowThen let’s have a look at your eyes. Depending on your eye colour it is better for you to use either gold or silver applications of the L’Oréal Eye Paint. I usually start with a skin colour eye-shadow, just as a sort of foundation. Then I am applying the details. In this case, as I have blue-greyish eyes silver is what fits me best. If you have warmer colours such as brown I’d suggest you to go with the golden eye-shadow.

Apply it over your eye lead, as much as you wish. As for my suggestion? Less is more! I am just applying a little stripe right over my lashes. Then I am applying the Paradise Extatic Mascara. I usually start on the lower part and then apply the upper part, but also here, just do as you prefer.

You’re eyes are ready: sparkly but simple and natural.

L'Oreal, make-up, lip stick, redThen we can head down to your lips. I always prefer to surround my lips prior to applying lipstick with a lip-liner because it makes the lines clearer. After applying a lip liner I am using the lip stick Lip Paint Metallic in red. I am really loving this colour as it is super perfect for christmas. It is important that your lip-liner is a little bit lighter than the colour you are applying afterwards.

There you go, you just created your christmas make-up in less than 10 minutes and I hope you like it!

The Give-Away: Huge Christmas Make-Up Set from L’Oreal  (Value > 250 €) – Closed

L'Oreal, make-up, set, christmas make-upToday is the time come for my third give-away of this month.  This one is part of the 24 days of christmas blogging ( all give-aways at the end of the page!) The first two weeks I was offering Beauty Products, this week I have the a super large Make-Up Package from L’Oréal with all the products, and many more for the perfect christmas make-up. Next week on the 24th of december I am having my last-give-away of this week: A Bag of Picard, the one I made for myself some weeks ago. Can’t wait to show it to you!

How to be the lucky winner??*

  • Add a comment below how you will celebrate your christmas holidays this year before Sunday 24th of December 2017 6:00 PM (Berlin time)
  • The winner will be communicated on the 31st of December.
  • Subscribe to the blog here
  • You must be older than 18 years
  • You must live in Europe or have an address that I can send the package to, that is in Europe
  • For more than one participation check out my Instagram and Facebook.

*The decision is final and is exempt from legal procedures.

Good Luck!

24 Days of Christmas Blogging


  1. Alisa Sto

    ich wünsche dir einen schönen 3. Advent.
    Weihnachten verbringe ich mit meinem Verlobten bei meinen Eltern 🙂
    Über Instagram folge ich dir als alisastoof.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Marina

    Ich feiere mit meinen Eltern auf dem Dorf, ganz in Ruhe und gemütlich. Die Omi ist auch noch da, wir werden lecker essen, spazieren gehen und einfach die Zeit zusammen genießen.
    Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Weihnachtszeit

  3. Marita

    Hallo Liebes 🙂
    Auch ich verbringe die Feiertage mit meiner Familie ^^ am 2. Weihnachtstag fahre ich dann meinen Freund und seine Familie besuchen ^_^

    Schöne Weihnachten,
    Marita <3

  4. Nataya A

    I will be home this Christmas with my Husband, my partner in crime, my family, just enjoy the surrounding Christmas atmosphere while eating some chocolate. Have a wonderful Christmas to you

  5. Esma Köse

    I’ll celebrate with a friend because my family won’t be in Germany 🙂
    I subscribed your blog and follow you on instagam (laliluesma) and facebook (Esma Köse)


  6. mandydoherty65

    Visiting my grandchildren early on Xmas morning to watch them open presents then Christmas dinner with the family and chilling out for the rest of the day with the family

  7. Melanie R

    It will be quiete Xmas with my daughter, my mother and my husband. We had a big loss in 2017 and we all would like to skip Xmas, we only celebrate it because of my daughter.

    Love, Melanie

  8. Laureen

    Hey ! 🙂

    Ich werde dieses Jahr mit der ganzen Familie bei uns zuhause Weihnachten feiern und freue mich schon sehr !

    Liebe Grüße und schöne Feiertage,


  9. Amy Briscoe

    I’m going to be spending it with my family… it’s my First Christmas as a wife and I have my parents, my grandfather and the in laws over!! Pressure!!

  10. Silvia

    Hi! I’m going to spend Christmas at my parent’s place 🙂 on Christmas eve, we are going to visit my grandparents, where we’ll have our traditional Christmas dinner.
    All best

  11. Lauren Stebbings

    I’ll be spending Christmas with my family, slobbing in comfy pj’s, trying to cook dinner whilst tiddly and freeing toys from the clutches of plastic packaging

  12. Emma Middleton

    I will be celebrating my first Christmas this year as a mummy with my 4 month old baby boy and my family, all 15 of us eating, drinking and being merry with party games and trivial pursuit, definately a Christmas must

  13. Ricarda

    Hallo 🙂

    Vielen Dank für diese Verlosung!

    Heute Abend gibt es Fondue, morgen kommt die Family und übermorgen besuchen wir meinen Onkel!

    Ganz liebe Grüße und ein schönes Weihnachtsfest ❤️

  14. Jade Pawley

    I will be celebrating with my parents & my younger siblings. It’ll be our last Christmas together in the same house as we’re all going our separate ways next year so it’s a big one!


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