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Welcome to Be-Sparkling, a Style, Travel and Business blog for powerful woman. We are always open for interesting collaboration partners and press trips, however we work extremely ethical and publish only our honest opinion.

Main Topics of the Blog

Be-Sparkling is a place to find inspiration weather it is about Style such as outfit ideas, Beauty tips, trends; about possible Travel locations for the next holiday or Business tips to grow and learn at all times.

Be-Sparkling focuses on an elegant lifestyle.

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Fashion styles
Fashion events
Beauty products
Hair products
Style trends

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Unique Destinations
Weekend Escapes
Action and Safari
Hotel Reviews
Spa and Wellness reviews
Restaurant reviews
Cultural Highlights
Art and Music
Travel products
Travel tips & Organisation


Books & Courses
Interviews with Professionals
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  • Visitors read in media 3 pages at each visit
  • Visitors come mainly from UK, Germany, USA, Spain, Italy, Singapore and Australia.
  • Visitors are between 18 und 65 Jahre years old, 35% between 25-35 and 60% between 25-45 years old.
  • 72 % are female and 28% male.
  • + 44.000 Follower on all social media with an important engagement and only natural growth
  • Be-Sparkling is fully available only in English, however is adding German as a second language in the course of 2017

Possible Collaborations

Press trips and Invitations
Miriam is happy to receive press trip invitation for group and individual trips or event invitations and will evaluate each invitation separately.

Product tests
Be-Sparkling is testing products in all three categories. These could be p.e. fashion products, beauty products, travel equipment, hotels, unique activities, airlines,… and writes about the experiences with these products.

Be-Sparkling is currently looking for a long term partnership with a travel related brand that fits the blogs content and audience. Feel free to send us your ideas.

We are always open for new ideas and suggestions so feel free to send us an email and let’s discuss new opportunities.


Send us an Email to and we are happy to send you a fully updated media kit.