DIY: Do your nourishing Lip Gloss at Home
DIY_ Lip gloss - home made natural lip balsam-2
DIY_ Lip gloss - home made natural lip balsam

DIY: The nourishing Lip Gloss

Hello guys,

today I have something new for you. Last year for christmas my small sister gave me an amazing nourishing lip gloss that she made herself as a present. You will not believe how great I thought it was. I loved the idea, I loved the lip gloss and I really used it for over a year.

Now I decided to show you guys how to do this amazing nourishing lip gloss yourself. My little sis is helping me of course !

The Ingredients ( for 10 lip gloss)

  • 48g   castor oil
  • 4g     beeswax
  • 4,8g  carnauba wax
  • 4       drops of food flavouring (if wished)
  • 10     knife tips of pearlescent (if wished)

Tip1: You can buy the ingredients easiest at amazon.
Tip2: Use eye shadow as pearlescent.

What else you need

  • Bain-Marie (alternative two pots, one bigger and one smaller that fit into each other)
  • Kitchen scale
  • Something to stir (p.e. a glass rod)
  • 10 small plastic jars
  • Plastic syringe (to fill up the jars)

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DIY: How to do it?

  1. Have all ingredients and utilities ready and prepared.
  2. Prepare the empty jars close to the Bain-Marie.
  3. Weight the castor oil, beeswax, carnauba wax and put them all together into the smaller pot.
  4. Fill the bigger pot with water and put the smaller one in it. (Bain-Marie) Heat up the bigger pot slowly so that the oils and waxes create a homogeneous liquid. Continue to always stir the mixture.
  5. Prepare the pearlescent. Easiest is to use eye-shadow, but you’ll need to create powder before adding it into the pot.
  6. Still keeping the liquid in the Bain-Marie start adding the pearlescent slowly. If you like a stronger colour feel free to add more pearlescent. If you decided to create a flavoured lip gloss, now is the time to add the drops of flavour.
  7. While keeping the liquid in the Bain-Marie start using the plastic syringe to fill up the jars with the lipgloss. Make sure to not fill them up till the end, because otherwise you can’t close the jars anymore without producing a lip gloss chaos 😉
  8. Wait a short moment until the liquid becomes solid and try your new DIY lip gloss.
  9. Enjoy!

Tip3: My personal favorite colour is dark pink with golden shimmer !
Note: You can use the lip gloss for circa one year!

Let me know what you think of it !!!

Best, Be-Sparkling!

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