Dubai: Escape to ‘the World’
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Dubai escape to ‘the World’

Everyone know by today, that Dubai is the city of possibilities. But that you can already visit ‘The World’ of Dubai is yet something new for most of you.

The World got created and finished before the year 2010, but the growing water level and the storms make the use of the island complicated. In 2011 the work and remodulation of the Islands got stopped and it is yet to be decided what will happen with the group of islands.

In 2012 the Royal Island Beach Club opened on the Lebanon Island and is yet the only infra-structured Island.

About the World

The project is the second largest artificial Island creation in the world, bigger than the known ‘Jumeirah Palm’ and Dubai’s other palm projects. The project was inicitaed by the state of Dubai and invested circa 7,6 mallards US-Dollar. The small Islands are sold for 11-40 million US-Dollar depending on its size.

Why to visit the World?

Dubai is an incredible city, powerful, beautiful, interesting and fun, BUT especially in the summer months it can get a bit overhelming. It is always hot, always filled with people -and traffic – as well as always full of high expectations.

It is just normal that there are moments you need or want to escape this beautiful city.

Dubai’s beaches are beautiful but you still feel like beeing in the middle of the city and close by there aren’t a lot of places you could escape to: Wherever you go there is desert and heat.

If you’re living in this amazing city, or if you’re in town for more than 5 or 6 days this escape point is perfect for you! Finally you can get a dream beach island and the huge city in one.

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The Lebanon Island

  • Sparkling Rating: 8/10
  • Contact: / (+971) 050-617-6507
  • Day Access & Trip: 200 AED / 300 AED (depending on the month)
  • Departure point: Jumeirah Fishing Harbour 1
  • Website

The Lebanon island is the first island of ‘ The World’, that is finalised and infra-structures and that you can go to visit.

The trip from the coast of Dubai is only a short 20 min drive by boat. Travelling through the water and having the skyline of the city is a great experience itself.

Upon arrival you’ll be surprised by the beauty of the water, the colours and natural fishes living on this ‘fake’ island.

The Royal Island Beach Club will give you a little bit the feeling of being in the Maldives, the small houses, the beautiful water, the white sand etc.

If the full club would be a bit more cured however, it would have received an even higher Sparkling Ranking from me. The place is beautiful, the water is breathtaking and not as warm as you know it from the Dubai coast. But unfortunately a lot is very old and not curated, which takes away a bit of the beautiful atmosphere.

The food is quite good and the portions are well served. We had our full lunch there with bruschetta, salads and hamburgers. The seafood plate was not available which was a pity. At a hot summer day close by the beach it is what I usually expect to eat.

All in all it was a lovely relaxing day trip and I really enjoyed my time there. After one day you’ll be surprised how much you can reload your batteries 😉

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  1. NowThatsAHoneymoon

    We were in Dubai two months ago for 3 nights! We didn’t visited The World so thanks for sharing this article! We only went to Palm Jumeirah where we stayed at Anantara on a beach day pass. It’s true about the clear waters, I love the beaches in Dubai!

  2. I have been to Duba twice and always thought that a day trip to once of the islands in The World cluster would cost a lot but its surprisingly a lot lesser than I thought. Thanks for the insight, now I might go check out some Islands there the next time I am in Dubai 😀

  3. EG III

    i’ve been to Dubai several times but I’ve never visited The World. It’s amazing to look at that area 25 years ago compared to now and see the advancements it’s made


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