Dubai’s best Nightlife (Clubs and Bars)

Dubai’s best Nightlife

Dubai’s Nightlife is something special. Where ever you go you will find the highest standard of locations, sparkle and the newest design everywhere.

Every important club worldwide is having or planning on building a nightlife spot also in Dubai.

From time to time the city is full of celebrities and part of their attraction is coming from the extraordinary Dubai’s nightlife offerings.

But not everything that sparkles is gold.

Dubai is a place filled with rich, which does not only bring the positive and bright style of nightlife with it, but also brings drugs and prostitution.

Enjoy the locations and live the sparkle lifestyle, but stay away from the drugs and prostitutes as both is extremely illegal in Dubai.

Here are my best locations where you can enjoy Dubai’s Nightlife best:

Pier 7

  • Sparkling Rating: 9/10
  • Type: All in one, restaurant, bar and club
  • Contact: +(971) 4 436 1020 //
  • Website

The Pier 7 is one building that offers on each floor something different: Bars, Restaurants and Clubs. You can switch between 7 locations which all offer something unique and fun but be aware, there are only two elevators in the space, it can become difficult to navigate if a lot of people are moving at the same time.

Bistro Bagatelle

  • Sparkling Rating: 8,5/10
  • Type:  Restaurant/Dancing Bar
  • Contact:  (+971) 4 354 5035 //
  • Website

The Bistro Bagatelle is a beautiful location where you can dine typical Italian dinner before partying. It is one of the top and hip places in Dubai at the moment. Mixed music, great people with all type of nationalities and a flair where you can’t stand still. Butit’s more a bar where you can dance, than an actual club.

Provocateur Dubai

  • Sparkling Rating: 8/10
  • Type: Club
  • Contact:  (+971) 55 211 8222 //
  • Website

Great location, good looking people and amazing electronic music. A place to party and party.

Barasti Beach Club Dubai

  • Sparkling Rating: 8,5/10
  • Type:  Beach Bar
  • Contact:  (+971) 4 399 3333 //
  • Website

During the day a great location to relax at the beach without having to pay any entrance. In the afternoon the location is filling up and it is great to have a drink before going home and get ready for dinner. Sometimes you will find special Djs playing and parties being organised.

Cirque le Soir

  • Sparkling Rating: 8,5/10
  • Type:  Club
  • Contact:  (+971) 050 9955 400
  • Website

An incredible location with a special flair but because of this it is always crowed and you can be sure to wait at the door. Unfortunately there are too many VIP tabled filled up in the place, which doesn’t give you  the possibility to enjoy it fully.

360 Dubai

  • Sparkling Rating: 8,5/10
  • Type:  Beach Bar
  • Contact:  (+971 55 500 8518) //
  • Website

A lovely club with amazing views of th Burj Al Arab. Top Djs and great vibes.

I hope this helps! Any other Club’s you’d like to see on this page? Send me a comment below!
Best, Be-Sparkling!

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  1. Tom

    Have you been to all of these? which ones do you think hit you hard? I’ve heard lots about how Dubai lets one let one’s hair down, so I wouldn’ tbe surprised if there were pages and pages of places.

  2. Sarah @ Expat of the World

    I couldn’t imagine partying in a club in Dubai, no clubs here where I live! Not a single one! Not even a karaoke bar! Good list with contact details

  3. I’ve heard and read many good (and also crazy AF) feedbacks about Dubai nightlife, and no wonder many expats including tourists are getting hooked. The lists are impressive and I can’t deny that I like their bar ( LOL ).

  4. I didn’t know that there were such problems in Dubai, like drugs and prostitutes. I know that the rich in Dubai like to party a lot and that the bars and clubs are very exuberant. I’d like to go to one and experience the life the rich ones do, for an evening 🙂

  5. Every time I read or see something about Dubai’s nightlife, everything seems so luxurious! I’m not a party person myself, but your list includes some restaurants that look very interesting, will definitely check them out when I visit!

  6. Although I am not much of a night out kind of gal, you have created a really good guide on the nightlife for Dubai which will be super helpful for travellers wishing to experience it! Good prompt on the drugs and prostitutes too, i think many travellers forget the risk when visiting other countries!


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