Fashion Trends Fall/Winter 2016 – 2017

Fashion Trends Fall/Winter 2016 – 2017

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have you enjoyed your weekend? I know Monday is not the favourite day of anyone, however I am having a little surprise for you! Today I am skipping my outfit of the week and I am going to give you input about all the most important fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2016 – 2017.

You can find the full list of the most important fashion trends for this fall and winter season, each one with a little description and images.

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Fashion Trends Fall/Winter 2016: Colours

Bubblegum Pink

This fall and winter pink is the new wave of femininity. The time where pink is the symbol of small school girls is over and bubblegum pink is the new hype on the catwalk.

From Prada to Gucci you can find the trend all over the most important Fashion Shows.

Metallic Shine

A special and extreme trend, that has started at the shows of fall/winter 2016 growing into a more steady and day to day wearable trend.

Who could have imagined to wear a full golden dress to an evening at a simple restaurant? Or a sequins shine skirt during the day? Well that has become normal by this year.

Outfit: Golden Skirt 

Fashion Trends Fall/Winter 2016: Fabric

Embroidery and Lace

Lace is coming back from the past season and is keeping up the catwalk. Pleated skirts and dresses in beiges, nude and light colours are to be found at shows such as at Céline,Loewe and Valentino.

Colourful fur

Fur is in since a couple of years already, but this time you can go crazy! Wear your pink, your green, orange or pink fur to any occasion you’d like. Many have done it already before you!


Elegant and empowering as they are, who could immagine a catwalk without them? You can find them on all the most important shows such as Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Versace, and many more.

Outfit: Golden Sequins

Midnight Blue and other Velvet

Velvet is something new that out favourite designers such as Prada, Ralph laurantand Vanessa Seward used independently from each other. It is the reminder of the renaissance woman, especially in those deep blue tones!

Leather Trench Coat

Who doesn’t have a trench coat at home? After this summer season I am sure every fashionable woman does! This winter we’ll take the next step, trench coats in leather!

Fashion Trends Fall/Winter 2016: Print

Flower Print

Flowers are all over the place this winter. Who said that we’d have to keep the winter simple and said without any prints? Not this year!

Any designer has included at least one outfit with this print style, so keep up and get it on !

Outfit: The Flower Garden

Leopard Print

Not my most favourite print of all times, but sure one that is always making it back on top of all designers catwalk. From fur coats at Prada to dresses seen at the show of Dolce&Gabanna leopard print is all in again!

Outfit: Elegance in green Leopard Print

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Fashion Trend Fall/Winter 2016: Style / Cut

The eighties one-shoulder

Do you remember those dresses and shirts everyone had with only one shoulder covered? Sexy and elegant at the same time is this re-used trend that you can find mainly in the collections of Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant and Philosophy.

Moto combinations

The ladies wear is getting tougher and tougher through out the years and this year we have made it to sexy leather and moto combinations. If its a jacket or a suit you can show your race-clothing of this year!

Extra Long

This headline might get you to think farer than fashion, but the meaning is actually based on coats and long sleeves. If its your winter coat, wool jacket or a pullover, X-Large is in!

Victorian and New generation corset

Bringing back the old and transforming it into something new is shown in diversity on this year’s styles. The sexy and elegant victorian corsets are back combined with the style of today. The new generation corset if you’d like to say. Ballet school elegance and showing off skin at the same time.

White t-shirt under evening dress

The probably easiest style to do-yourself at home is wearing a white t-shirt under an elegant evening dress. Something that last year would have been called as ‘messy’ is this year’s most seen!

Don’t be afraid, all of our best-dressed have showed this already. But do me a favour and try to keep elegant while doing it!

Fashion Trend Fall/Winter 2016: Accessoires

Statement Necklaces

Here we are again, statement necklaces on the go. Wherever you look, at Dolce&Gabbana or on the neck of our biggest influencers everywhere’s a statement necklace to be found. Big and powerful are the only rules here.

New ways to hold a bag

We all love a new bag and a new style, but there wasn’t coming anything new the past years. This year finally we have new possibilities, not with the bag itself, but at least how to wear them.

Wear it cross-body, but keep the straps short Proenza shows you how! If you’re annoyed of wearing your bag in your hand, why not hang it over your under arm?


One of my all time favourites are gloves. I wear them a-lot, not just in winter but they are great accessories to give a new touch to your old outfits. I love biker gloves the same way I love my elegant black leather winter gloves. Wear them, you’ll love them!

I hope this is you some inspiration for the amazing trends of Spring/Summer 2016! But remember, as always stay true to yourself, this is the most important!

Enjoy and always Be-Sparkling!


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