Give Away: Yellow Louise & Eleanor Clutch

A sparkling Christmas to you All!!!

I thought that christmas is the perfect time to offer you guys the possibility to win a GIVE AWAY!
The idea is to have a sparkling gift in every sense of it. That is why there is a catch: You can’t win the clutch for yourself, but Being Sparkling means doing something nice for the people you care about, so you can win this gift for a person that you care about AND that does deserves it.

The Bag:

The Bag is from Louise and Eleanor, an american brand that produces lovely bags and clutches in my opinion. The bag as a minimal error on the side, which gives me the unique possibility to offer it to you as a give-away. The clutch is yellow and golden produced out of a silk fabric.

The Rules:

  1. The bag is not for you, but is a present for a person close to you, that you think deserves a present.
  2. The give-away can only be send to addresses in Europe and the USA.
  3. Write in the comments below who you’d like to give the present to and why you think this person deserves it the most.
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  5. You can enter till the 6rd of January 7pm Berlin time.
  6. The winner will be communicated the 7th of January 7pm Berlin time.

I wish you the best luck and don’t forget to Be-Sparkling 🙂


  1. angela cunningham

    i think my friend at Cheryl would get the bag she is a very good person who is someone who would never buy something like this for herself she is always boring mine stuff because she wont go buy anything for herself,she puts everyone else first and never has any left over for herself.

  2. Samantha Scarlett

    I’d love to give this clutch to my sister or my mother to thank them because they stayed with me in a tragic moment of my life.
    Now I stay better, so I’ll thank them for the rest of my life.

  3. Aliikaa

    Id like to give this to my sister who is kind hearted and always thinks of everyone else before herself. I think she deserves nice gift plus she lovessss clutches!

  4. Gladys

    I would love to gift this to my sister who went through a tough year with some medical issues while having just had a baby. She was an incredible fighter and is now doing better. I would love to give her this as a big treat for the new year ahead because she is a fierce fashionista! Thank you!

  5. Ashley C

    I would love to give this to my bff who is having her first baby in a couple of months! She is so deserving and such a sweet, kind hearted person.. She is one of those people who will do anything for anybody!

  6. jessica

    I would give it to my mother in law. She loves unique things and she has helped us out so much this year. She let us stay with her for 6 months because our house got flooded and we lost everything. She did her best to help out and she deserves something special.

    1. Miriam Ernst Author

      Hi Erica !!! You are the lucky winner of the bag! I am sure your coworker will love it! 🙂
      Please get in touch with me over the contact button and send me your address, so that I can send you the bag.
      Please answer within 3 days (10th of January 7pm) otherwise the bag goes to someone else !
      ENJOY IT 😀

  7. April Swaim

    I would love to win this for my mom! She never buys anything for herself. She would rather give and buy to everyone else than herself. She deserves something nice like this!

  8. deb

    How very nice! I found your link over at Still Being Molly…and I’m so glad that I followed the link. If my name was drawn, i’d like to treat this giveaway as a Pay It Forward act. I’d like to give the clutch to my daughter’s husband;s grandmother. I’ve met this lady only once at my daughter’s baby shower, and truly do not know her well. Yet, she seems such a classy lady that i’m sure she would do this purse justice. I even received a Christmas card from her this year, which was an unexpected surprise. I’d like to Pay It Forward to this nice lady. Thank you for the chance.

  9. Kristen Patton

    I would give this to my sister-in-law, Alessia. She is from Italy and has been in the US now for 3 years, unable to see her family back home. She loves fashion and I know this would put a smile on her face, as she cannot buy things like this for herself.

  10. Miriam Ernst Author

    Hello you all thank you so much for taking part !!! I have drawn the lucky winner among you guys and it is Erika ! 🙂
    I wish you all the best start in 2017 ! 🙂


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