How to become your better self?

How to become your better self?

“Just be yourself!” How many times have you heard people saying this as a great tipp before some important date, job interview or other event that was coming up?

Has it ever helped you? My guess, it didn’t !
So what is it about this being yourself? I mean can I actually be anyone else then myself? So who are you? And how are you like you?
What happens however, if you don’t like yourself in certain situations ? Well, then be like someone you want to be !
That might sounds as the second worst tip you will ever hear from anyone, but if you start to think about it, it is not.
When you launch a new business or try to enter a new market, the first thing you do is benchmarking. You have a look what is already there, how the others do it and what works well and what doesn’t.

Then you avoid the things that doesn’t work, try to replicate what does work, and spice it up with your own ideas.
Well about yourself it is the same! You can not automatically be great in everything! We all have to learn things and work hard for becoming who we are, or who we want to be !
So my tip is, do it exactly as it would be a business decision. Think about who of your friends is especially good in the situation that is waiting for you. Have a look on how they do it and if it works.
Then bring yourself to be your better self!

Learn, try, fail and try again! And if you don’t forget about the third step: “To spice it up”, then you won’t have to worry about “loosing yourself” !
That at least is what has always worked best for me!
Have you been in situations where you didn’t know very well how to handle it? How did you react and how did you manage?

Tell me your story !

Best, Be-Sparkling!

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