How to wear a cropped top elegantly? 
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How to wear a cropped top elegantly?

I finally have received my cropped top from the iKrix online store a week ago and decided to create a blog post around it on how to wear a cropped top – so many of my friends love cropped tops but are not too sure how to style them.
What is a cropped top? A cropped top is a shirt or top, that is in the down part short enough to show parts of the waist and belly.

How to NOT wear a cropped top?

The problem with these shirts is, that if you combine them wrongly it can easily look cheap or even simply really bad.

  • DON’T wear a cropped top with a low waist jeans. This might be okay in the warmest summer months when you have the perfect belly, but be honest, who of us can really say that they have the perfect belly? I definitely can’t! In any other case it looks just like bad taste and very cheap – cropped top doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to show all that skin!
  • DON’T combine a cropped top with an extremely short mini skirt! I know we all want to be sexy and need to get some attention from the other gender, but trust me, this is not the kind of attention you are looking for! Just keep the skirt a bit longer and high waist and this mini part of skin that is shown will drive the male crazy without loosing the attraction and interest.
  • DON’T wear a cropped top over a longer top. This might be doable, but is extremely hard to style in a way that it doesn’t remind of the 13 year old teens in the 90s!
  • DON’T wear it to extremely conservative events. Also good styled it always leaves a touch of sexy and not always this is well seen.

How to wear a cropped top?

And finally here we are, we know how to NOT wear a cropped top and now we come to how to actually pull it of and still be ELEGANT!

  • GO with high waist skirts or pants. This makes the shown part minimal and keeps it on an elegant level.
  • GO with a voluminous skirts, this takes away a bit of the attention from the uncovered parts of the cropped top, which makes the outfit again more elegant.
  • GO with a long sleeve cropped top. If you show skin at one part you should hide it at another. This rule is a bit like Yin and Yan and will keep you outfit elegant and perfect for nearly any occasion.
  • Go with looser cropped tops, these are not as sexy and show the skin only while moving and not necessarily at all times.
  • GO with large culottes pants, these are fashionable, high waist and give the outfit a more day-to-day wear touch.
  • GO with same colours and prints. Like I am going with all-black in my outfit you could do that with any colour or style. The more you stay in the same style type, the more elegant the outfit becomes.
  • GO with overalls, these cover the front and back of your body, showing your skin only on the side parts.
  • GO with wests, these take away the attention and cover parts of the skin that the cropped top is revealing.
  • GO with statement necklaces, these get a lot of attention, which will make the visible skin seam minimal and therefore more elegant.

My Outfit

The outfit that I am presenting you today is all in line with the topic of this post “How to wear a cropped top?”

My cropped top in this outfit is from the known brand Red Valentino, which is simple, elegant and with small special details on the shoulders. I am not a fan of 100% simple cropped tops and I think there should always be some extra to spice it up. You can find mine  here at the iKrix online shop for 136 €.

The Valentino shirt is combined it with an over-knee skirt that I bought in Zara for circa 30 €. The skirt is high waist to make the shown skin minimal and longer than the skirts I wear usually for giving it an extra elegant touch.  The all-in-black outfit then just needs powerful shoes and jewellery to be rounded up.

Madame Pivot shoes are professional Tango shoes, which makes them very comfortable to walk in and in addition I love their designs of shoes. I have rarely seen such creativity in prints on shoes, without loosing its elegancy. You can find the shoes here for 125 €.

I hope you liked the outfit and my tips, if you have any tips in addition to these please let me know in the comments below.

P.s. Photos are from Markus Bielstein.


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