Wearing victorian dresses today? Being a princess for a day.
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Wearing victorian dresses today?

Who hasn’t dreamed at least once about being a princess in life?

I haven’t had the possibility to live like one, but at least I had the chance to feel like one, for some hours.

For the magazine Hestetika I had a photo shooting in a castle in Bergamo -Italy. The story was about including high-tech elements in an old, historical moment. So I became the possibility to wear Victorian dresses worn roughly from the 1830s to 1900s.

This photoshoot experience was just unique and I had the possibility to wear these beautiful and special victorian dresses, but trust me, it looks waaaaaaay easier than it was… the ring under the skirt weights a lot, so it is hard to walk in the dress and even more if you have to wear it in high-heels.

Additional to this the bustier is laced way to strong and I barely could breath during the whole day ahahhaha

It was an amazing moment, but I am definitely not a person that would have been a good princess, so thank god that I wasn’t born with blue blood 😀

But as I really loved the style of the dresses and the way these bustiers shaped my body, I started to ask myself, how can we wear those beautiful victorian dresses in today’s time?

So we recreated the picture and used one of the victorian dresses, without the large skirt.

I think the result is just amazing! Of course, you still can barely breathe, and who ever said, “if you want to be beautiful, you’ll have to suffer” is probably right… but it is definitely possible to wear these dresses in a today’s time.

And here is our result:

Did you ever dream about being a princess when you were little? Would you wear a dress like this to go out one night?



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