Outfit of the week: Blue leather

Good evening to you all ! ūüôā

I am sorry for releasing¬†late today, but I’ll have a story to tell! Keep up reading my post on Thursday and you know what happened …

Better late than never here is my outfit of this week, today I call it blue leather.

Leather is a fabric that came back as a style in our lives about 8 years ago and since this it is not moving from the style board. Every important designer includes leather for this summer season as well as for the upcoming winter. An investment now will therefore help you out also during the colder months.

I found this special skirt in Zara and couldn’t do less than buy it. The wild leather is soft and the different blue colours go perfectly with each other. This summer pastel colours continue to be part of the story board and get mixed up with more powerful and strong tones such as deep blue, orange and yellow.

If you are not sure how to dress, an all-in-one-tone outfit is always elegant and fashionable.

The skirt did cost around 40 euro and could be a great combination to both, your summer and winter outfits.

Together with a black shirt as the one I am wearing it becomes an evening outfit you can easily go out with for drinks or into a club. The combination with a thin pastel blue jacket creates a day outfit, that is elegant and fashionable for a shopping tour or sunday brunch with your friends. The cardigan is from a market in Italy. I bought it already two years ago and today it can be easily found in stores such as H&M, Promode and Massimo Dutti.

The necklace is from Erres and explains my love for style and fashion. I bought it for only 6 euro.

Completing the outfit with blue high heels the you can create a more elegant look, especially for evening occasions. You could also combine it with lower black shoes for an outfit that works during the whole day.

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Best, Be-Sparkling.

Photos: Markus Bielstein


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