Outfit of the Week: All red
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Hello to you all, I wish you a great morning !

This weeks outfit is inspired by the colour red. I am a big fan of it, if in clothing or as a lipstick, so I decided to create a powerful outfit that is all followed by this colour.

The first piece of the all red combination is a skirt, that I already had in my closet, it is from H&M and cost me maybe 20 euros. I wear this skirt quite often during summer time, it is easy to combine as basically anything suits with it. The blouse is from Naulover and is in point of quality and price definitely over the one from H&M. But it took me a while to find the right and good looking fit for the skirt, and in line with the all red theme.

The blouse costs 95 €, but is absolutely worth the money. I am sure you can not see this perfectly on the images, but I assure you, that it fells just as the way it should fall. The fabric is very soft and comfortable and the design is strong and powerful as are the colours. It is made out of a red and blue print.

The blouse of course could be worn also with other combinations than the all red theme here. P.e. together with a jeans to have a more casual look , or with elegant and dark blue trousers. It gives you the possibility to style it from business to business casual till an all over casual look.

I hope you liked the outfit inspiration. Here you can find all my outfits and here you can subscribe to be automatic updated about new posts.



*Thank you Markus Bielstein, for these amazing photos!


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