Outfit of the Week: Elegance in green Leopard Print
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First of all I wish you a very happy new year to you all ! I hope you have celebrated as amazing as I have and started this new year full of good intentions and feelings ! 🙂

My first outfit of this year is inspired by a green leopard print dress that I have found in the shop of Naulover for 160 € here in Barcelona.

I saw the dress in the shop and I must say it was love at first sight. The fabric is soft and falls down on your body just exactly as it should. The colour of the leopard print is making any blue eyes shine as if it would be summer and the sun is illuminating them.

The first thing I though while trying on the dress is to present it as elegant as it is, but I also had the idea to “rock it up” and play a bit more with contradictions.

So I did both during my foto shoot to come up with these two ways of wearing the dress. For whom of you is wondering who the good looking men is on my side, he is calles Jorge Martin, a model from Madrid that my photographer Markus worked with, so we decided to shoot together also for a couple of images. You’ll see more of him also in my next outfit post 😉

So how to combine is magic dress? obviously anything black fits with it as well as anything white. To bring a bit more colour into the style you could also combine it with the jacket that I showed you during my last outfit here.

Great to combine it with simple pumps or over-knee boots such as from Stuart Weitzman.

To make the outfit more rock as I did I used leather gloves that I’ve bought years ago, but I found these for circa 50 euros, that are quite similar to the once I am wearing. The belt is also an item that belongs to me already since some years, but I found some cone stud belts, that will do the trick here for circa 5 euros and here in real leather for circa 120 euros.

I hope you liked the outfit inspiration with my green leopard print dress. Here you can find all my outfits and here you can subscribe to be automatic updated about new posts.



*Thank you Markus Bielstein, for these amazing photos!


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