Outfit of the Week: Minimalistic Grey!
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Every one is always wondering if grey is a color. I think it is and also a very beautiful one. There are so many shades to be used and combined in different ways. Also it is wearable with any color (maybe except of brown, but this is discussable)

This weeks outfit is simple and very minimalistic.

I found this grey pullover in Zara and was sure that I wanted to show it to you even before I tried it on! The sporty, grey pullover is rounded up with the two sided fabric, that is falling town in the back and front.

As during the day of the shooting we had nearly 23 degrees in Barcelona I combined it with a black skirt (I can’t even remember where I bought it, but these kind of tube-skirts you can find nearly every where!). the pullover would look great also with a black or darker grey jeans, as well as with something more colourful if you’re in the mood !

This outfit is simple and easily wearable during a casual day or later in the day for a not too classy dinner. It is somehow special but minimalistic.

Do you have worn something similar? Have you ever tried an all-grey look?




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*Thank you Markus Bielstein, for these amazing photos!


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