Outfit of the week: How to style Paperbag Pants?

How to Style Paperbag Pants?

Hello sparkling people !

How was your weekend? I just got back from my travels to Dubai.

My today’s outfit is all about the Paperbag Trend of this Spring / Summer 2016. Have a look here, where you can find my full list of trends for this summer !

The Paperbags are produced from nearly all of the most famous designers in the world and is one highlight of this summer and will also continue in this winter season.


Rules to wearing Paperbag pants!

  • Paperbag pants are already bringing an accessory to the outfit, so it important to not over accessorise while wearing them.
  • As the upper part of the pants are large you should style them with a fitted shirt. This can be with or without arm lengths, can be put in the pants or be a cropped top like I am showing it here. You want to show of the upper part, so don’t add anything over but always wear shirts tuck in the pants.
  • Don’t necessarily put a belt, these pants are already so much themselves that they don’t need any belt to accessorise up. However if you feel like adding something, go with a thinner belt.
  • Go with a slim fitting blouse if you want it to be more elegant and working environment based.
  • Add heel for a more balances look that is elegant and powerful

Why to wear papaerbag pants?

  • Because this is finally a trend that is not only highly fashionable, but is at the same time flattering your body.
  • It is simple to style and setting a fashion statement.

My outfit

My outfit is a classic day-to-day work or after-work wear. The beige pants are elegant but thanks to the cut with a touch of fashion to the daily work outfit. You can find the best paperbag pants herehere and here. The shirt I am wearing in combination is a mix of a simple shirt and blouse. This adds more elegancy to the outfit and makes it perfect also for an after work drink or a weekend brunch. You can find the shirt here.

The shoes I chose in combination are from iKrix, a lovely online shop, that provides mid to high prized brands. This amazing high-heels are from Michael Kors and can be found here. You can wear these shoes of course not only in this type of outfit, but with a simply jeans or a nice skirt for an evening out.

Best, Be-Sparkling!

Photos: Markus Bielstein. // Location: Colette Barcelona.

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  1. Looks like a more higher fashion trend to me. Not something I think I would wear. I think it would look like well.. A big paper bag when I sit lol but others can definitely pull it off.

  2. EG III

    Such a versatile piece of clothing. I’ve never heard of paperbag pants but they look like the could fit a variety of situations when paired with different tops.

    1. Miriam Ernst Author

      Hi Ann, they are paperbag pants for the upper shape of the pants. It looks like they are a paperbag closed on the top and larger with folds under it. 😉

  3. I really like the way you styled it and how you make it work for everyone. Exposing you reflections about the paper pants is quite cool! It’s such a new and risky trend!

    1. Miriam Ernst Author

      Thanks for your feedback ! I am glad you liked it… I hope I could inspire you to maybe try it yourself after all 🙂
      Have a good day, Ms


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