Outfit of the Week: Orange is the new black!
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This week I thought I will go with the flow of my last week’s outfit showing you, that this season (autumn/winter 2015): Orange is the new black!

I am wearing a simple dress that combined with the necklace get a little a boho-chic touch. I have always loved the boho-chic style since I have watched Blake Lively in Gosspil Girl !

I know a lot of people are going to tell you that this is a slogan from 2013. But the fact is that in 2013 the style direction was orange, but it just did not get through to the final customer. This year, where ever you are going you will find the shopping windows full of this beautiful strong orange. I mean have you had a look at the zara shopping window lately?

Orange has always been a typically summer colour. I for my taste have always loved orange nail polish during the summer months, but you can create so many shades of orange, that this is a colour for every season.

This dress is freshly bought from Topshop but unfortunately you can not find it in the online shop anymore. But I found this one, which is nearly the same and this one form tophsop, that has the same cut, but is  all in orange. The last one is also on sale now and for 10€ what can you do wrong?

This dress is of course also to be put together with some nice tights for the colder months and a neat blazer over.

This dress is best for going out in the evening with your friends, or more casual during the day in the warmer months.

A small belt like the black one I use makes the dress more interesting and shows your body forms better. You can find these belts in every place at the moment. The prices vary between 4,90 € – 20 euro approximately. Here you can find a nice one from H&M, that costs 10 €.

What do you think about the colour orange this year?

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*Thank you Markus Bielstein, for these amazing photos!


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