Outfit of the Week: Sexy but warm
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It is getting kind of cold also in Barcelona in these days, so my this week’s outfit is inspired by the beautiful jacket from Naulover that I have found.

The tyrian purple color is powerful and 100% in line with what is fashion and style in winter 2015/2016. The coat is not too heavy, but will keep you warm in the fall and winter period. This outfit is as the name it promises: warm and sexy in once.

Naulover is a Spanish brand participating in the 080 fashion show, offering good quality and great fabrics.
The dress, which actually has shorts integrated in the skirt, is from Mango. The laced pattern is what every designer was working with for this winter’s collection and shows some trancparency to the full-body dress.
I am also wearing 20 DEN tights, which doesn’t take the whole transparency of the dress but will definitely keep you warm thanks to the double layering. Who of you needs the outfit to be even more weather safe can also combine it with termo tights. These will keep you warm for sure.



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*Thank you Markus Bielstein, for these amazing photos!


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