Outfit of the Week: The winter trend romantic flowers
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The winter trend: Romantic flower Garden

Good morning to you all !

I hope the weekend was long enough to anti-stress for a little while!

Today I have a very lovely outfit for you! It is the beginning of the fall season and includes one of the most important trend for F/W 2016: The flower garden.

Winter styles are usually simple, darker colours, not too playful, but this year we’ll go to remember how spring is during fall time. The flower garden is one of the most important and most covered trends of this season. It will go on all accessories as well as on dresses. It incorporates the romanticism of this season and you will not get around this trend.
So here I have one amazing outfit for you showing the trend’s best.

The outfit

The dress is explaining the new trend perfectly, it is romantic, elegant and feminine at the same time. The colourful flowers over the dress show that this winter will be lighten up with power, freshness and romanticism. You can find the dress as it is on the Dezzal online shop. It costs 71 € which is a more than reasonable price for a dress like it is. The quality is good, but be aware that it is hand wash only!

I’ve been wearing it also during Fashion Week which you can find here 😉

In combination to the dress I am wearing a statement necklace in gold and white. It is a simple accessoiry that I have found in H&M some time ago. It is a great contrast to the dark fabric of the dress and lightens up the full look. Instead of a white and golden colour you can choose any other colour that is represented within the dress such as (red, green and other colours) but I think white is still what makes the most elegant look.

As for the shoes I chose to wear comfortable and elegant heels in a dark rose/grey colour. You can also here choose different options, if you want to stay simple a black shoe is always great, if you like a more sporty look you can even wear black or white sneakers or try a more statement shoe in a colour such as green or red that is included in the dress. Be aware that the necklace and the shoes should fit all together and if you decide to go with a colour don’t use two different ones.

By the way in the background you can see some parts of my hometown in Germany, Schwäbisch Hall. I will show you more about it soon in my Be-Travelled section !

Let me know how you like the look!
Best, Be-Sparkling!

P.s. those photos are from Stephan Baraniecki. You can see his page here.


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