Outfit of the week: How to style a waterproof trench coat?
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Good morning fellow style lovers,

how are you doing? Have you all survived the Fashion Weeks  so far? Two more days and also Paris Fashion Week is going to be over.

But this doesn’t mean that the new designs and style for Fall/Winter 2016 are over. I decided to go for the first time ever to the Lisbon Fashion Week that is going to take place this Friday- Sunday in order to find some great new talents and designs.

But before I’ll tell you everything about Lisbon in the next weeks, here is my today’s outfit.

This trench coat has become an necessary piece in my wardrobe, not only is it an important trend this year and looks beautiful on every women, but this trench coat is actually fully waterproof. I received it from Protected Species, a young brand in the UK, that have invented this amazing way of being stylish even under the rain and warm with the strongest wind.

When I received it, the first thing I did is held it under the water and seriously nothing goes trough. It looks like a beautiful fashion piece and is very practical at the same time. I won’t be travelling without it anymore!

The price for a trench coat like this is around 230 euro, but includes a two year guaranty on their waterproof effectiveness. The fabric is thin and doesn’t weight a lot, so it is great for also the whole summer season.

Now I know a lot of people will ask me how to style a trench coat, so I’ll give you a head’s up !

How to style a trench coat?

  • You could roll-up the sleeves and leave it open for warmer moments, it will just take you a minute to adapt it to the bad weather again.
  • Use the belt in the official way, or just knot it together upfront for a different and more casual look. You can also do this by leaving a gap in front between the two parts of the coat, this creates an even more casual but stylish look.
  • Under a trench coat you can wear nearly anything like you are used to. During colder periods try a pair of special printed pants or a simple jeans with a nice shirt or pullover, for an evening occasion you can also wear it directly over your dress or skirt and for the daily summer combination a midi-skirt or jeans shorts create an impeccable style with it.
  • You can combine it with boots, flats as well as with heels like I do it a lot. Just be open to try and close it in different ways to your looks for a every-day different effect.

In addition to this trench coat I am also wearing one of my special bags in combination. The bag is from Nybilo and costs 150 €. You can find different designs of this leather bag, but I just love the Kirchner image on it. A lot of their designs are inspired by great artists and if you’re a fan of Kandinsky or Van Gogh you can be sure to find the right bag for you here.

The size is perfect to enter your phone and a couple of details as you’ll need them and the format and style for sure is an eye-catcher over any coat or with any day-outfit. I personally love it together with the trench coat but I’ve also worn it with a classic office-look in order to freshen the outfit a bit with the colours and image of Kirchner.

The shoes are from Zara and could be exchanged by any heel or boot in black as I already mentioned before. Just try to be open minded and put on different styles every day.

I hope you like the outfit and I really hope it helped you to find maybe a new fav piece or to style your existing wardrobe a bit different.  Here you can find all my outfit inspirations and here you can subscribe to my Be-Stylish category, it’s just one email a week 😉

Best, Be-Sparkling.

*Thank you Markus Bielstein, for these amazing photos!

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