Outfit of the Week: Golden skirt
Miriam Ernst, Fashion Blogger, Golden skirt, white shirt, blonde, girl
Miriam Ernst, Fashion Blogger, Golden skirt, white shirt, blonde, girl

Good morning you all,

how was your weekend? I have been travelling to Bavaria and am looking forward to show you all I have experienced there. But today I have a new outfit for you!

It is inspired by this beautiful golden skirt. Wherever you go this summer you will find golden skirts, pants and shirts and lots of people don’t know how to combine it.
So this outfit is build around this amazing golden skirt.

You will find lot’s of excuses on why not to wear that colour to most of the situations, you’ll say that it is to sparkly for during the day, too extreme for a relaxed night out, too much together with a sexy top when going out…

But when you put all those excuses a-side you’ll see how great outfits you can build around a golden skirt.

The outfit I am proposing is perfect for during the day. Not an office-look, but perfect for a day shopping with your friends, the Sunday chill brunch with your family or best friends or an aperitif after work.

Yes, the skirt is powerful and you should go with something more easy to combine it to be on the save side. I choose a white shirt in this occasion, it is simple, summer and light, which makes it a more simple outfit with light colours. Perfect for this years summer season.

The high-heels give an extra touch and re-give the sparkle for a more aperitif or dinner evening. If you switch them to summer sandals or even white sneakers you go back to a simple day outfit.

For the night I’d go with a darker shirt, this will highlight the sparkle of the skirt and will make it again a more powerful outfit.

You see, powerful elements can be combined in ways they can be worn during the day as well as during the night.

I hope you like the outfit ! This might be another one you’d appreciate.

Best, Be-Sparkling!

Photos: Markus Bielstein. // Location: Gallery Hotel Barcelona.


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