Outfit of the Week: How to style a white blouse?
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How to style a white blouse?

Hello there,

I hope you had a great weekend and could enjoy the sun a bit!
Today I have a very important topic for you guys, it is all about the white blouse.

Lots of you think that a white blouse is only for work, or even connect it to something boring and dreary. But today I want to show you, that a white blouse can be as fun, as casual and as elegant as lots of other outfits.

The fun and casual white blouse

A white blouse can be fun, you can wear it to a city trip during the day, to go out with your nephew or to do some inline-skating.

But in order to get a blouse to be fun it needs to be mixed up with different elements. One of my favourite elements in this shooting were the Layla Style headphones from Frends.

The rose golden headphones are giving a touch of style, a touch of fun and enjoyment to your outfit as well as for your day. I love to sometimes wear them, even when I am not listening to music just for the extra sparkle on an outfit. You can buy the Layla style headphones for 169 €.

Alternatively you can wear a had or any other accessory that highlights the fun in a day.

The blouse is combined with a simple dark blue jeans. This makes is comfortable and easy to wear for all types of day-time activities. If you only add-in one part of the blouse in your jeans, this increases the fun and casual look of the full outfit. It still looks good and partly elegant, but in a fun and enjoyable day-time outfit way.

As for the shoes, you know by now that I am a heel person, but you can wear these with flat shoes too ! Get some white sandals or some black moccasins.

Tip: This is also an easy way to re-style an outfit after work: just get one side of the blouse side out of the jeans, add some fun accessories and wear it with a jeans.

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The elegant white blouse

Now you are out with friends during the day and suddenly you’re going to a fancy dinner or there is this work party you forgot about.

With a white blouse the re-styling is pretty simple:

  • change the shoes: swipe them with some beautiful stiletto in colour creme  or beige.
  • add a handbag: mine as an absolute eye-catcher it is a handbag from the online shop Dezzal, a lovely elegant but fashionable accessory. You can find the handbag for 55 USD and lots of other ideas under this link.
  • add a necklace: I usually wear pearls when the outfit should become elegant within seconds, however with the white blouse and this handbag I decided to go with black-pearls, just to add some more eye-catchers and change the colour in some places.

Tip: if you have the time put up your hair, this always shows a more cleaned, posh and elegant look – whatever the outfit!

Are there other style tips you’d like to see on my blog? Just comment below.

Best, Be-Sparkling!

P.s. those amazing photos are take in Schwäbisch Hall, my home town and from Stephan Baraniecki. You can see his page here.


  1. Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

    I really love a white blouse with jeans and heels. Of course, no outfit is complete for me without the right handbag. I love all the tips and suggestions you gave here.

  2. Judson L Moore

    I work in a super casual start-up environment, but one of my favorite things to wear is my white button-down. With jeans and tennis shoes, I don’t at all feel like I am overdressed, while at the same time it does give me a waste-up sense of class and professionalism. It has become my new go-to look. From a man’s perspective, I think everything you write about the white blouse also holds true for me!


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