Outfit of the week: How to wear a jumpsuit?
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How to wear a jumpsuit?

Good morning to you all!
I am writing from Berlin today, travelling for work and am quite busy in these days… Anyway as always here you have my new outfit of the week: How to wear a jumpsuit?

It’s been months already that I am looking for an affordable but beautiful jumpsuit. Trust me, it is not that easy to find! Most of them have too thin fabric, are not cut properly to my – or anybody’s body shape – or have the legs too short. There is always something that prevented me from buying one.

As good and elegant a jumpsuit can look, as bad it will look if it doesn’t fit you right. If you’re not sure it is the right one for you, then don’t buy it! This is a general shopping rule, but especially in this case it is very important.
So what does the right jumpsuit need to respect?

The right cut!

Never buy it without trying it before! Check the leg length. Are you able to wear it with heels without showing half of your leg? Does your back look smooth or are there weird movements in the fabric? Is it comfortable? Does it fit your décolleté?

The perfect fabric!

The most important fact is, to not buy too thin fabric! It is a disaster if a jumpsuit is half transparent! Be especially aware of this, when buying any colour but black! But at the same time the fabric should be soft and smooth. If it is too rigid the suit will not look smooth in your body and will end up loosing it’s elegance.
Don’t buy any glittery or lucid jumpsuit! The people are yet not used to see a women wearing this piece, so adding glitter or extreme sparkle is just over doing it!
My jumpsuit is from Mango, I love the fabric, it is heavy buy smooth and the cut is perfect! The cost was around 30€ so really a good pursuit.

How and where to wear a jumpsuit?

The how is pretty easy, if you follow the rules above and buy the right jumpsuit for you, then your full body is covered and there is not a lot of styling needed. Add a high waist belt if you want to split the one-piece in two. Adding a long necklace or a short collier can keep the elegance, but go easy on it! If you wear a belt try to avoid a statement necklace and go with something easy and elegant.
For shoes, in my opinion a jumpsuit does only look great with heels. Everyone has its own opinion here, but I think that combined with flat shoes, it looks simple and sporty. Combined with heels it looks elegant and precious.
The shoes I am combining are from Aldo Italy.

Where to wear a jumpsuit?


In my opinion you can style it right to nearly every occasion.
For work with a short blazer or jacket over.
For a night out with an elegant belt and nice jewellery
For a day with friends or a brunch in the morning

I hope my outfit and tips will help you to find the right jumpsuit for you and to style it glamorous!
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Photos from Markus Bielstein.

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