Outfit of the Week: White jeans in Winter

White jeans in Winter

Werbung:Good Monday morning guys!
Did you enjoy your weekend ?

Today I am showing you an outfit with a very special jeans brand from Portugal Aly John.
For my body type their jeans are super cut and perfect fit (if it’s about an unusual cut like the one I am wearing or the skinny one you can find here)
My outfit today is a light (when speaking about colour) winter outfit.

The perfect mix between holding you warm and letting you wear items that seem too cold for winter!
Let me start with the already mentioned jeans. As they are a little shorter than how you’d like to dress yourself in winter I added tights under. This will keep you double warm in winter and adds an extra touch of fashion to the outfit.

The pants cost 370€ and are from Aly John, the Portuguese brand I mentioned before. They are specialised in denim products and I really love their designs.

You can wear these white pants all year around and I can’t wait to show them to you with a summer style top like the girl is wearing it in the link above.

In combination I have a shirt from Mango, which is striped transparent, the top is with long arms and costs 20 €.

The grey cardigan over it is from Reserved and you can find it there for 25 €. The belt is an old one that I have at home and the scarf is also from Reserved for 20 €.

I love the combination of light colours in winter, because it is the perfect combination to snow, as well as it lightens up the dark colours you usually find during winter time, don’t you think?

Best, Be-Sparkling!

P.s. Those photos are from my newest collaboration photographer in Frankfurt, Alessandro Fulciniti. You can find his photos here.



  1. The jeans are nice and lovely. I can’t wear white jeans at the moment. My toddler is running everywhere and gets his hands into all sorts of things, this outfit would be ruined in 10 mins, 🙂


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