ShiftWear: Wearing your sneakers every day different!


Have you ever dreamed of buying one pair of shoes, while owning 10 different colours? Or 50 different designs ? Or maybe 200 different styles?

Well Shiftwear swears, this is now possible! I will not believe the amazingness of this possibility, till I’ll see it with my own eyes having the Shiftwear sneakers in my hand – or better on my foot! But it seams definitely very promising!

ShiftWear offers you the opportunity to use your feet as your own personal canvass or art studio, giving you the possibility to create and change the design as many times and as often as you like.

ShiftWear is giving you the possibility to display all kind of HD-quality images and animations right on your sneakers.

I have to say, I am not a big fan of sneakers and am way more of a high-heel person, but a sneaker, that I can change with an app and wear it with every outfit I own? What is there better?

David Coelho, founder of ShiftWearCorp has done some amazing work here, if this actually works!

Here some more detailed information about the sneaker:

  • The ShiftWear sneakers feature a walk and charge system meaning they are powered by the wearer’s movements.
  • They also Feature HD Color Flexible e-paper displays.
  • The shoes are waterproof, and the sneaker soles are Kevlar Fiber-coated for durability in various weather conditions.
  • The product’s software is Bluetooth enabled for communicating with the mobile app, which is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices.
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