Fuessen’s top 5 things to do
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Fuessen’s Top 5 things to do

Fuessen is a city in Bavaria only 5 km from the Austrian boarder. The city is mostly known for their small distance to the fairy-tale castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

I have been visiting the city this summer and have figured out the BEST things to do while you are in that area.

Let’s start with the most important attraction:

The castles: Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau

The two castles are mostly the reason why someone is travelling to this area. The castle Neuschwanstein is one of the most famous worldwide and reminds all people of the world of fairy-tales.

The Neuschwanstein is situated circa 4 km outside of the city fuse. The easiest way to get there is by car. However you are not allowed to drive till up the hill, so it is best to switch in a horse carriage.

General Information Castle Neuschwanstein

  • Entrance Fee: 12€ adults / children up to 18 years go free
  • Parking: 6€/ day
  • By Bus Number 73 or 78 from Fuessen
  • By Horse carriage: 6 € uphill & 3 € downhill – circa 20 min
  • By Foot from Ticketcenter Hohenschwangau circa 40 min
  • Visit of the castle circa 30 min
  • You are not allowed to take photos during the tour

Tip: Always reserve tickets before visiting the castle as the waiting lines to get a ticket and to enter are huge.

The castle Hohenschwangau is not as known as the castle Neuschwanstein, but is also worth a visit.

General Inforation Castle Hohenschwangau

  • Entrance Fee: 12€ adults / children up to 18 years go free
  • Parking: 6€/ day
  • By Bus Number 73 or 78
  • By Horse carriage: 4,5 € uphill & 2 € downhill – circa 10 min
  • By Foot from Ticketcenter Hohenschwangau circa 20 min
  • Visit of the castle circa 35 min
  • You are not allowed to take photos during the tour

Das Festspielhaus

The ‘Festspielhaus Fuessen’ is a theater situated directly next to the Forggensee just around 6km outside of Fuessen. The view is beautiful and the location is great. I was so happy to watch the musical ‘King Ludwig II’, a story that moved everyone but especially people from the area.

He was the person building most of their cultural highlight like the castle Neuschwanstein.

The view over the sea upon arrival is incredible and ups the atmosphere a lot.

Unfortunately at our arrival there was some fire alarm going on and we had to stay outside before being able to enter and enjoy the show. Lucky nothing serious did happen. However this + extra 30min waiting inside cause one hour delay.

Tip: the seats all up in the highest level of the theatre are quite bad and it is not a good place if you’d like to enjoy the theatre. 

  • Parking: There are two parking areas around the theatre, one is offered by the people living close by and by paying a chosen amount you can park on some invented parking space AND you even support the handicapped population from the area.
    Another parking space is situated right next to it and costs 3€ for the full time.
  • Walk from the parking space: circa 7 min
  • Break: 30 min
  • Website (only german)

Restaurante Riviera, Hopfen

The restaurant Riviera was a gerat decision. It is situated right next to the lake Hopfen with a beautiful view over the lake.

Only one street is between the water surface and the restaurant.

The athmosphere in the restaurant is great, this on both sides, guests and visitors. Everyone seems to be there to have a good time and the personnel el knows how to give this.

Our waiter proposed us a French rose wine as a first glass, which was delicious.

I am very picky with wine and Italian food, but as you’ll see further down this restaurant has convinced me not only with its wine choice.

The food was really amazing, especially for an Italian restaurant in Germany, so I can only suggest you to try it during your trip in this area.

The burrata, our chosen first meal was great. My absolute favourite plate however was Pasta ‘Nach art des Chefs’ which translated means The Chef’s Way, it included pasta and some thin filet with spices and some vegetables – delicious !

Espresso which is something very important for me was great too.

Tip: For dessert ask for an ice cream with pumkin seed oil! AMAZING!

  • Website
  • Main course starting at 8,50 €
  • Parking: a bit more difficult, ask the waiters if they have a parking space at the hotel available.
  • Distance: 5km from Fuessen


The area offered lots of amazing lakes just around the corner. My personal favourite is the Alp lake, which is one of the clearest waters I have ever seen. However it is close by the castles and therefore very touristic.

The hopfensee is a lovely trip when you’re planning on having italian lunch at the Riva Restaurant and the Forgensee is a great view, when planning to go to a musical or concert at the Festspielhaus.


Well wellness is amazing wherever you go, BUT in the area of Fuessen you’ll enjoy it even more. The nature and the bavarian feeling helps you to relax and forget about what project is waiting for you at home.

My personal tip:  The hotel Ruebezahl. I have stayed two nights there and their Spa area is incredible.

I hope you’ll enjoy your time in Füssen as much as I have! Missing something? Or any questions?

Let me know below!

Best, Be-Sparkling



  1. Tom

    I stayed in Fussen for several days while visiting the castles and such, and found it to be a delightful place to hang. The Germans there simply were happy that I hung out in their little city. Most visitors probably focus on the attractions around it, but Fussen is a seriously nice little town.

  2. gobeyondbounds

    We did the Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau and Fussen was just the base. Only long after the trip did we know that there is so much to see in Fussen too. Hopefull next time.

  3. Miriam this is incredible. I cannot believe how picturesque Fuessen is. Castle Neuschwanstein is also so magical, i am surprised they didn’t use it to film Harry Potter! Although upon thinking I think it perhaps looks more fairy tale like than a school for witches and wizards! Loved this post, would really love to visit.

  4. polly674

    I’ve beene to Austria several times, but never in that area. Your tips on food and on wellness are really intriguing 😉 I have to plan a visit there!

  5. vishvarsha

    Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the 3 places that have put Germany in my ‘I have to visit this country!’ It is so fairy tale like. Your tips are gonna come really handy when I do visit 🙂

  6. I love visiting castles! There’s always so much history behind it and they’re always so pretty to look at! Thanks for the informative post – a lot of posts don’t include the bus numbers to get there!


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