What to avoid in Hong Kong?
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What to avoid in Hong Kong?


Hong Kong is a great city and as I have described in my lat article, there are a lot of things you should definitely do and experience in Hong Kong, but there are also things to avoid in Hong Kong:

  1. Sleeping in the cheapest hostel you can find

    Well I understand that the prices of some hostels seem very attractive, but for 90% of the people it is a good idea to think twice about it. Hong Kong is a huge city, at the sea and packed with too many people. It is easy to imagine that with the growth of the city also the dirt and with this the number of animals grow.

    So make sure to read very close all the information about the hostel that you can find in the internet. Trip advisor is for me still a really good and mostly reliable source.

    And if you still are sure to want to go with the cheapest of the cheapest be sure to not ruin your holidays if you will find ‘bettwanzen’ in your bed, cockroaches walking up and down the walls or a rat in the community kitchen. Not speaking of sound level, unfriendly or strange people in your shared bed room or just not the most comfortable bed.

    Also don’t forget that in Hong Kong an air condition might be essential during summer and will save your day after a walk through the city.

  2. The walk of fame

    I know, a lot of people hear ‘walk of fame’ and think of Hollywood. You should know that this walk in Hong Kong has nothing to do with what you know or think to know of Los Angeles.

    In Hong Kong it is just a walk next to the sea showing some statues no one knows.

    So in Hong Kong to avoid this is mostly because a lot of pocket picking can be found here as this is a fully touristic space and because there is not too much interesting to see I decided to ass it to the ‘to avoid’ list of Hong Kong.

  3. Soho at night

    Are you 18 years old, can’t wait to drink 10 shits in under 3 seconds and love to see drunk or drugged girl all over the street? Well in this case don’t brother my list here, I think you will be perfectly happy in this street and any other place I am mentioning here.

    But for every normal person, this is definitely an area in Hong Kong to avoid. The street is dirty, filled with 18 year old kids drinking the hell out of this world and taking drugs till the ambulance comes by. I have seen so many unhappy scenes here for young girls so I really would recommend you to avoid this place.

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  4. Bringing a pepper spray

    This I am telling you from my own experience. Having a mother that is always worried about me travelling and walking alone in the streets I received a nice pepper spray from her.

    Not thinking far enough I decided to bring it to my holidays in Asia as I was travelling partly alone and just wanted to make sure to be safe in case.

    On the trip to Hong Kong I at least thought far enough to leave it out of my canine luggage. On my trip from Hong Kong to bali I didn’t.

    So I learned at the airport in Hong Kong that these pepper sprays are illegal in Hong Kong and could bring you quite into a uncomfortable situation.

    Luckily everything went well, but I can assure you, this situation is definitely to avoid!

  5. Going during Monsoon or air pollution times

    Hong Kong has a particular climate and going during monsoon season or the pollution times might not be the best idea!

    Surfing my last day I was as lucky to get into a monsoon and had one day rain as strong as I have never seen it before. It started from one second to the next,while we were in the metro. Luckily there was this women with her plastic Poncho and we bought them downstairs in the shop for 5 HKD it saved our life that day hahahaha


  6. Needing a taxi at night for a short ride

    Well this is something normal when you are on holiday, you go out at night and at a certain moment you will need a cap to get home. It never occurred to me, that taxis would tell you no. It happened to us a Friday night while we were out dancing in Hong Kong. On the way back at 5 am we just wanted to hop into a cap and get home. But we asked one after the next one and no one wanted to take us. They said the distance of 3 km was too short. We even tried offering more money to the cap driver, but they locked the door from inside and drove off.

    Eventually we found a cap that drove us home, but it took us at least 30 cars.

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