Barcelona’s great restaurants
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Barcelona’s great restaurants


I must tell you, up to 6 months ago I had quite a special taste of things, there had been so many types of food that I didn’t like and so many things that I have never tried.

However throughout my experience as a blogger I have become more adventurous with food and have tried more and more different things. And I can proudly say that by today I have earned the right to write about food an my culinary experiences 😊



The experience at spookin is a unique one. I am calling it on purpose not a ‘dinner’ because this wouldn’t be enough.

If you’d like to try the experience you have to be there punctually at 9:00 PM. Dinner doesn’t start till all guests have arrived, but everyone is advised to be punctual.

The two owners of the restaurant greeted us friendly upon arrival and offered us the first glas of sparkling wine.

If you have a look at their website it doesn’t tell you a lot about the type of cuisine it is so it is even more interesting to hear the explanations of the evening by the chef.

The second step, after the welcome takes place in the kitchen. You Eiko be invited into the place, where everything is happening, only to see that there is not happening anything at all.

The team is welcoming you friendly, presenting themselves to you.

After two delicious appetisers you’ll be accompanied to your table where the sommelier will tell you everything about the different wine options you have to accompany the plates. There is sparkling wine, white wine and red wine as an option. To not destroy the strong taste of the food we decided (on recommendation of the sommelier) to go with the white wine and the sparkling wine. This gave us two different experiences to try during the dinner.

I don’t want to give you too many information about this dinner, because it would take away part of the experience, but be sure that the 10 plates that are served with the 10 accompanying glasses of wine are a full experience. The full restaurant changes over the time and music, as well as light and culinary experiences will let you experiment something different.

Reservations are mandatory!

  • Menu starting at 90 €
  • Adress: Carrer de Bertran, 28
  • Contact:  (+34) 934 88 64 84
  • Website

Can Travi Nou

Can Travi Nou is probably the most typical Catalan cuisine in this list. The restaurant is situated outside of the centre of Barcelona in a beautiful old Landhouse. The location has fully retained its original image and invites you into a private home from once-upon-a-time.

The single rooms of the restaurant are privately usable for business dinners as well as weddings or other celebrations.

The location has a romantic touch at it and even Woody Allen chose it as one of the locations in Barcelona for the Movie “Vicky, Cristina Barcelona”. Do you remember the beautiful land house with all the violet flowers around? This is it ! Btw it is also a must-see movie ! 😉

The cuisine as I mentioned before is deeply Catalan however always with an elegant touch and nice presentations.

The menu includes different plates, vegetarian, meet and fish main dishes that are all equally delicious. To be able to try different plates we started by sharing some starters and then had two main courses one fish, one meet. The quality and taste is amazing! You should absolutely order the …. As one of your starters and as a main course I can only suggest to have the … .

The only negative thing I could say at all, is that the wine was not proberly served. I am so used to be offered to try the wine before serving it that I did miss this moment. But who is not such a wine-liker as I am won’t probably even notice this second. We had the …. Wine and loved its round and not too corpus taste.

The service is great and the personnel has been more than friendly. If you have the time ask for a quick tour around the house, you will love it.

  • Main starting at 17,90 €
  • Adress: Calle Jorge Manrique,
  • Contact:  (+34) 934 28 04 34
  • Website


A small restaurant hidden somewhere in Raval. But what is hidden shouldn’t always stay hidden because the food here is delicious!

The place is small and includes space for maybe for 30 persons which means that a reservation is very much recommended. The first time I arrived here at 10 PM ( yes in Spain you eat late…) and I had to wait for another 40 min before I could sit down to a table ! However even the waiting time is worth it. Offering a glass of good sparkling wine or an amazing black raspberry mojito.

At Cera23 the cuisine includes typical Catalan plates with a touch of Italian. The plates are all elaborated and give this typical cuisine some extra flavours and a twist.

For the first plate I can only recommend you to order the octopus “El Pulpo” – delicious! Also the “Burratina” is a must try for all Burrata and Mozzarella fans. On the other hand for the second plate go with the volcano or the tuna fish. However also their steak is not to be forgotten and you will be happy with what you get if you choose fish or meat 🙂

  • Main starting at 12,50 €
  • Adress:  Calle Cera, 23
  • Contact:  (+34) 934 420 808
  • Website


The restaurant 9Reinas is a pure Argentinian restaurant and has 3 different locations within Barcelona, the one I tried is situated in C/Valencia.

The atmosphere is very nice and elegant directly upon entering, small tables with a bright look thanks to the full-white colours. If you have your table on the upper floor you can have a look in the kitchen while walking up the stairs, which is fully open.

Upstairs you have a normal dinner space as well as some more “hidden” and intimate tables which are perfect for a date with your loved ones.

The personnel is friendly and well trained.

For starters I can recommend you to try the empanadas, a typical Argentinian dish that can be filled with different ingredients, my personal favorite spicy meat! The Provola cheese which was probably the best one I ever had.

The meat has a great, powerful taste and the restaurant offers you the most typical Argentinian steaks as well as the favourite types from all over the world. “Entraña” is my personal favorite and is the most powerful taste of beef that you can get.

  • Main starting at 16,50 €
  • Adress:  Carrer de València, 267
  • Contact:  (+34) 932 72 47 66
  • Website

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  1. Veronica

    Barcelona is definitely a foodie destination! One can never be hungry there. I hope to come to Bcn in summer so I am saving this post for my hungry wanderings.

  2. vishvarsha

    Everything looks so scrumptious, but the sure visit out of this list has to be Can Travi Nou. Now I know why Woody Allen chose this place! It is so pretty!!! Really good recommendation Ana 🙂

  3. Well this is just what I needed – I feel we missed out when we were there last. We did our research but it just didn’t seem to pay off. I’m keeping this one. #citytripping

  4. Ruth

    You ate better than a queen in Barcelona. I am intrigued by the first restaurant. I do not think I have heard about a place where everybody starts to eat at the same time and things change according on where you are on the tasting menu. Sounds incredible! #wkendtravelinspiration

  5. There are so many great restaurants in Barcelona – I’m just back and had such fantastic meals the whole time. I loved the tapas at Ultramarinos too, not touristy despite being on La Rambla and the owners have a string of different restaurants in the city in different styles. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  6. Cera23 is amazing! We found out about it from a waiter at Viana, another great restaurant (my favorite in Barcelona actually), I’d love to go back and eat there again. 😀 #citytripping


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