Burg Eltz (Germany’s Castles)
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Burg Eltz

  • How to get there? By car or by bus.
  • Address:  Burg-Eltz-Straße 1, 56294 Wierschem
  • What to bring? Well, shoes to walk comfortably in.
  • What else? The walk up the hill is quite hard for someone as unsporting as me, so take your time.
  • Website

Just half an hour drive from the lovely suspension bridge that I told you about last week you can find the amazing Burg Eltz. Burg is the German word for castle and it indeed is a lovely one.

Also here there is a parking space, where you can leave your car. In winter no one is there so parking is free and space is more than enough. If you go there in Summer I heard it is the absolute contrary.
To get to the castle there is a small walk. I must be honest, I am absolutely not a sportive person, so I can tell you if I made it, you can make it too. The walk brings you down the hill, first passing by a small viewing location, where you can see the Burg Eltz with all it’s surroundings. Following down the path you’ll arrive at the doors of the castle.
The Burg Eltz is beautiful, powerful and different to all of the castles I had seen before. It gives the feeling that houses are build up onto each other.

Around the castle there is a river flowing.
All nature, no noises, just the river rippling around the castle. The winter set-up was lovely. The river was half frozen, a little snow was mixed up with the deep green of the pointers and the grass that had survived these cold days.

My opinion? An absolute must to visit, but probably better in winter time, when you can take photos without the other hundreds of people around.


  1. I am really excited about this place! I am making plans to visit in May (from Koblenz). I still have some things to check up since I have read there is not a place to store luggage in the train or boat station. #TPThursday

  2. I have always wanted to reach Germany just mainly for the castles! When i went to Strasbourg, France i saw on the plane a castle on a mountain and i know there are lots more in the country, but i failed to see one. I hope a miracle will bring me to my first castle, while still in this lifetime. Thanks.


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