Fashion Week Milan Fall/Winter 2016: My Top Outfits

Good morning my dear readers,

I am back from Milan and a week full of experiences, fashion, amazing food and the best new looks that are waiting for you in Fall/Winter 2016!

Next week I’ll have all the tendencies ready for you, so that you know what is going to be THE must have pieces for winter 2016/2017 and today I have my best two looks of the Milan Fashion Week for you.

Milan Fashion Week – OUTFIT 1:

This outfit is all inspired by the Fashion Brand that I am working for as a Fashion Brand Manager.

A high-low skirt from Siramilano in beige with ruffles on the high end of the skirt together with a simple and casual must-have white shirt from Zara. The skirt of from the Fall/Winter collection of the brand and will be available only as of September 2016. Working for them I was one of the lucky ones to wear their designs already now.

My shiny silver shoes are from Bershka and were only about 30 €. And the bag is from Bulgari’s Serpenti collection.

Last but not least the coat with its special white details on the arms is my favourite. Also this one is from the new Fall/Winter Collection of Siramilano. It has a special fabric within its shell to keep you warm during winter days as we had it in Milan. Just love the cut!

This look accompanied me to the fashion show of Byblos.

Milan Fashion Week – OUTFIT 2:

This outfit is inspired by the pants from Topshop, that I simply fell in love with. The fabric is perfect for any body shape as it is very elastic and the design, well you can see for yourself elegant but special ! You can get the pants for circa 60 €.

The shoes are from H&M and did cost in the real leather format 40 €.

Well and then there is this shirt with it’s beautiful details at the shoulders. I really love that you can decide the way on how to close them. It is classy and sporty in one which gives any outfit a special twist. The sunglasses are from Dolce & Gabbana and the frame is called Kacamata.

The coat is also from Siramilano and is an oversized male cut, that will be all over the places for this fall winter. I am sure you’ll love it as much is I do!

This was the look for the amazing show of Versace.

Milan Fashion Week – OUTFIT 3:

I love this blouse from Siramilano. It is so elegant and special at the same time just a WOW piece. I combined the blouse with a statement necklace and the fringe skirt of Zara that you can see also here.

The weather was horrible that day and it was raining all the time so please be kind when judging my hair ahahah

You can find also a photo here with my personal invitation of Ermanno Scervino. It was the first original invitation I ever received for Fashion Week with my name on it, so I am quite proud of it 🙂


Milan Fashion Week – OUTFIT 4:

Unfortunately I do not have the best images here of the full outfit, but I still needed to show you this jacket. Have you seen how you can vary the arms? It is the perfect fall jacket where you never know if the weather is going to be freezing cold or if the sun decides to get out and it suddenly warms up.

I love how I can decide how to wear the jacket and this step fabric is just a must have for the next winter. I have seen similar styles at the show of Fendi.

This outfit was mine for the Philosophy Official Show.

Every time that I am getting ready for a show I think that I am totally over-dressed and at the end I see that it is the contrary ! The fashion week is seriously a crazy experience and don’t ask me how the people manage to change their outfits between every show.

Anyway, don’t forget always Be-Sparkling!


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