Milan’s best Fashion Places
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Milan’s best Fashion Places


Fashion week is over and everyone has already left Milan.

Running from one fashion show to another fashion show to an after party and between that having a stop over for some press interviews and clothing presentations.

The fashion week month is a beautiful and an amazing experience, but at the same time it is combined with a lot of stress.

Till last year I didn’t even know that the most important people in the industry are changing their full outfit between each fashion show. This comes from either paying respect to the designer wearing their brand or from the effect all the paparazzi have at the entrance of each single fashion show.

Most of the people who come to the Fashion Week in Milan, don’t know the city very well and can’t really enjoy it during their short free times.

This is why I will present you my top list of fashion places in Milan. Weather you are professionally in Milan and need to have a short moment of relax or you are a fashion lover, that is not one of the invitation holders of the fashion shows and still wants to have a piece of the glamour, these are the right places to go:


Milan Fashion Place: Ceresio 7

One of my favourite places in Milan. They opened up a couple of years ago and especially during the summer time it is THE place to be.

During fashion week the place is crowded with people attending the shows at lunch time as well as for aperitif and dinner. In summer the terrace is an amazing place to relax during a coffee or over a cocktail at night. The quality of the food is very good and the cocktails are exactly as they should be.

  • Lunch plates: Starting at  20€
  • Adress: Via Ceresio, 7 (Garibaldi)
  • Contact:  (+39) 02 3103 92212 
  • Website


Milan Fashion Place: El Porteño

El Porteño is an Argentinian restaurant in Milan that offers amazing and original food.

All my Argentinian friends where going there, so beside being an hot spot of the town it offers the original food with a high quality. I can’t recall that I have eaten better Argentinian food in Milan than what El Porteño has to offer. Try the empanadas as a starter they are an absolute must !

  • Steak: Starting at 25 €
  • Adress: Viale Gian Galeazzo, 25 (Porta Ticinese)
  • Contact:(+39) 02 5843 7593 
  • Website

Milan Fashion Place: Corso Como 10

Corso cComo 10 is one of my secret favourites. It is a bookshop, an atelier, a coffe bar, a restaurant and a shop – all in once. Everything is priced quite high, but the ambience is spectacular. If you can effort to pay 5,50 € for a cappuccino or 16 € for a panna cotta dessert, than at least you should be able to enjoy the ambience at the maximum.

If you wonder through the shop or sip at your coffee in the bar, you can feel that this place is different. If you want to get to know fashionable people that appreciate art and quality at the same time, then this is your personal place to be!

  • Cappuccino: 5,50 € 
  • Adress: Corso como 10 (Garibaldi)
  • Contact:  (+39) 02 2900 2674
  • Website

Milan Fashion Place: Byblos

I still remember the opening party as if it has been yesterday. I entered the space and it felt a bit like NYC. The small and dark club with low ceiling, the men in suits and the girls in dresses and with their best high heels. The music playing was great deep house and not too commercial, exactly as I liked it. I danced till 6am.

Unfortunately the place is not exactly like that anymore. It is still one of the best clubs in Milan and who ever holds something on them will pass by to visit – I think it was last year that I saw Leonardo di Caprio here – but it is not as special as it has been before. Check it out before it becomes one of the normal commercial clubs in Milan.

Entrance depends on the time you enter, but if you google for guest lists, this might lower the fee.

  • Drinks: starting at 20 
  • Adress: Via Messina, 38 (Monumentale / Garibaldi)
  • Contact:  (+34) 338 809 8326
  • Music: Deep house to Commercial
  • Website

Milan Fashion Place: The golden quarter

The golden quarter in Milan is probably the most famous shopping area. The most famous streets are Via della Spiga and Via Monte Montenapoleone and every street that connects the two with each other. Here you can find the most prestigious fashion brands one next to each other. Chanel, Armani and Cartier are just creating the frame out of all the important labels that are to be found here.

During the day you will find Ferraris and Porsches parked one behind each other and during the evening small restaurants invite for an expensive meal with class.

  • Shopping prices: high end
  • Adress: Via Monte Napoleone / Via della Spiga  (San Babila / Montenapoleone)

Milan Fashion Place: Dolce and Gabbana Bar Martini

Dolce and Gabbanas only Bar, after the restaurant Gold closed, is situated just next to the golden quarter. The ambience is elegant and comfortable. The drinks are excellent however not on the low side of price and the people are well dressed and fashionable. A great place to spot interesting people and to sip on a cocktail in the meantime.

  • Cocktail starting at 15 €
  • Adress: Corso Venezia 15 (San Babila)
  • Contact:  (+39) 02  760 111 54
  • Website

Milan Fashion Place: La Rinascente

A luxury shopping center in the hearth of Milan. Based just next to the most important monument in Milan, Duomo. La Rinascente offers high quality Italian brands on a luxury niveau. Brands like La Perla, Pinko and many others have their reserves space within the center. On the last floor La Rinascente offers a restaurant and Bar space where you’ll have on the terrace the best view on the Duomo. Perfect place for a relaxing afternoon coffee.

  • Coffee: starting at 3,50 €
  • Adress: Carrer de Pau Claris, 72 (Example)
  • Contact:  (+34) 934 81 49 63
  • Website

Milan Fashion Place: Da Vic

This is one of my newest find. A lovely small restaurant close to Milan’s city fair. The restaurant offers high quality Italian food on a good prices bases. The wines are delicious and the owner itself is in the kitchen and will be there for you should you have some more complicated questions or wishes.

I had a lovely evening here with my friends and we ended up drinking a glass of wine with the owner till late, so I can only say, great food, interesting and friendly people, good wine and a place that has it’s own soul ! Simply love it!

  • Pizza: starting at  9 €
  • Adress: Via Gaetano Previati, 21 (Fiera City)
  • Contact: (+39) 02 43515186
  • Website

Milan Fashion Place: Richmond Cafe

This one is the new place in town, a combination of restaurant, bar and club. The place is elegant and sophisticated. The dinner menu is high class and invites for a fun evening with different moments of entertainment. The afterparty unfortunately can’t keep up with that level and is not reaching yet the best clubs of Milano. However for dinner and drinks this is definitely a new fashion place!

  • Main plate starting at 25 €
  • Adress: Via Melchiorre Goia 69  (Central Station)
  • Contact:  (+39) 02  3675 7420
  • Music: R&B to Commercial
  • Website

Milan Fashion Place: Swizz Corner

Since 2012 this place is growing and growing. I remember my first afternoon here during its first year where I came by for a coffee with a friend and didn’t leave till after dinner. The ambiente is nice and inviting, the place is fashion and the people visiting take care of themselves. I nearly forgot about the place till a friend of mine brought me back here for a glass of wine.

This place is quiet, but has a lot in it and is definitely one of the “in” places for the insider!

  • Pizza: starting at  9 €
  • Adress: Via Palestro, 2 (Montenapoleone)
  • Contact: (+39) 02 7632 0360
  • Website

Milan Fashion Place: Il Gattopardo Café

A place that has always been there and it is always great to go back. The location is beautiful and if you enter the first time be ready to be surprised. The club is integrated into an old church, which creates a big effect upon entering. In the middle of the space you can find a huge chandelier enriching the atmosphere.

During most of the evenings the place doesn’t only offer a great party but has a surprise for their guests offering two show acts a night. Try to not miss the incredible talents you can find in here!

  • Drinks starting at 10 €
  • Adress: Carrer de Pau Claris, 72 (Example)
  • Contact:  (+34) 934 81 49 63
  • Music: Commercial
  • Website

Milan Fashion Place: Jazz Cafe

This place is a mix of Restaurant, Bar and Club all at the same time. The back space starts off as the restaurant area where great food is served for a decent price. The drinks are not the highest quality but the crowd and music will make you forget this within seconds.

If you are looking for good-looking people and a lot of fun you’re right here. Come by for dinner at 10pm and stay for drinks and the first dance before moving on to the next club.

  • Drinks starting at 10 €
  • Adress: Corso Sempione 8 (Sempione)
  • Contact: (+39) 02 3360 4039
  • Website


I hope my tips are helpful and will have you live my favourite fashion city a little bit more glamorous than before! Let me know what you think about my suggestions and please subscribe here!

Kisses and remember: always be-sparkling !


    1. Miriam Ernst Author

      Hi Maggie,

      I am glad you like them ! Let me know what you liked most afterwards 🙂 And enjoy Milan, it is one of my favorite city, the vibe is incredible 🙂

    1. Miriam Ernst Author

      Hello Carly,
      you should not avoid it, Fashion Week is one of my favorite events to attend, also if it is quite stressful! And Milan is amazing, if you get the chance you should go there 🙂

  1. hrollings

    I’ve never bene to Milano, but I’d love to go. Corso Como 10 looks fabulous, and so do you in all of the photos! I’d definitely love to get to Wes Anderson’s bar, Bar Luce, when I make it!

    1. Miriam Ernst Author

      Thank you 🙂
      Yes, Bar Luce is definitely a nice place, but only when there are special parties going on! It is quite south of Milan and uncomfortable to get to !
      Anyways enjoy !:)


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