Thomas Sabo’s Little Secrets
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Thomas Sabo’s Little Secrets

Elegance, strength and sparkle is what I am trying to inspire woman for. Exactly this is what the new collection “ Royal” of Thomas Sabo is representing in my eyes. Therefore I was super happy when I received the “yes” from Thomas Sabo for this collaboration.
Just before Fashion Week I received my package and I have been wearing my choice of accessories ever since.

The Royalty Collection


The Ring is one of my absolut favourites of the new Royalty Collection as it is simple but still different. The stone is small but in a deep red, a “royal” colour
that makes it very special. In combination with the rose-gold setting it just goes perfect with the watch I am usually wearing and gives every outfit a perfect shine and sparkle. Especially in combination with the same coloured nail polish, that I always love to wear.
This accessory is just perfect.

From the same line I have chosen a fine bracelet that incorporates smaller stones in the same red that the ring has and different colours such as a light violett, a deep blue and yellow. You will find in my next fashion post, that exactly these colours are the absolute must haves for this winter and can be combined perfectly with the bracelet.

All three pieces are  in rose-gold, which is just the style I do like and wear the most lately, but the ring for example also comes in sterling silver with a blue or black stone.

Even tho the last bracelet does not come from the same line it fits perfectly together with the others.

The bracelet is called  “Karma Wheel” because of the pretty plate in a form of a wheel that is attached to it.

I would be lying if I would tell you that I don’t like these pieces. They’re just the perfect mixture of elegance, royalty and style – so 100% mine 😉

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The Give-Away: Thomas Sabo’s Little Secrets // Closed

With the end of fashion week I have something very special for you! Together with Thomas Sabo I am raffling out two “Little Secrets” from their new collection.

How to be one of the two lucky winners??*

Thomas Sabo, Little Secrets, Give Away

  • Add a comment below stating why you’d like to win one of those pretty “Little Secrets”  from Thomas Sabo before Thursday 26th October 2017 6:00 PM (Berlin time)
  • You must be older than 18 years
  • You must live in Europe or have an address that I can send the bracelet to, that is in Europe
  • For more than one participation check out my Instagram and Facebook.

*The decision is final and is exempt from legal procedures.

Good Luck!


  1. Emma

    I love to win one of the little secrets because I’d love to wear somethi g to help me feel confident again.. I lost my son a year ago in November he was tiny and perfect and everyday I feel like a part me is missing then I saw the heart and though that’s what im searching for a tiny heart to carry around so he knows I miss him adore him and love him it has been very tough as well as being diagnoised with rare for of muscular dystrophy i would just like the heavons to be on my side the little secrets are beautiful and who ever wins you deserve that little bit of sparkle what ever shape or form

  2. Heather Morrison

    I’d love to win as a treat for myself. Haven’t treated myself for a long time as we’re saving up for fertility treatment. Fingers crossed

  3. kagglenka

    I would love to win one of these for my mum because she looked after me when I broke my hip and she is my dads carer so she really deserves a treat.

  4. Ren Taylor

    Little Secrets – Thomas Sabo are so pretty and my teenage daughter loves these so I would love to win so I can treat her for her 16th birthday !

  5. Dean T

    I would love to win for my GF, I bought her a Thomas Sabo Chinese charm necklace a couple years ago and she loved it, she would equally love this I imagine

  6. Lorraine Tinsley

    I love Thomas Sabo, I can’t justify the prices of some of the things in there, but these are stunning and I would love to get one for my daughter’s birthday

  7. Rhia

    I love jewellery that can hold a meaning…. something small and personal, but wearing it can help remind you to be strong, or brave, or that you’re loved. Jewellery isn’t just frivolous- there can be so much meaning behind each piece! These delicate ‘little secrets’ are so pretty but quite discreet as well, I really like them.

  8. Luisa Lauren

    I’d love to own one of the ‘little secrets’ as they’re so pretty and fragile looking, yet sparkle with confidence and I think wearing them will remind me that I can do so too.

  9. Jill fairbanks

    Such elegant pieces I would so love to win a treat for my daughter she’s such a treasure and so thoughtful if I was to be lucky enough I would treat her

  10. Thomas Sabo designs some of the most beautiful modern – German crafted – jewellery around today. Extremely fashionable and eye-catching…each piece empowers me when I wear it. It would be so lovely to have one of his ‘little secrets’ to carry with me on a daily basis. I’d treasure it always. x

  11. Becky Cornes

    I would love to win this Fab-u-lous giveaway please because it would be perfect for our gorgeous Niece, who is getting married next year. Thank you for the chance

  12. Laura

    I would love to win one of these little secrets as I have just had to give up my job due to mental health issues. I need something to cheer me up but can’t afford to treat myself to something right now. 🙁

  13. Rachael Sexey

    I would love to win this for my daughter’s 13th birthday as it seems so beautiful and it would be something special she can have and keep forever


    I would love to win one because they are so beautiful and I would give this to my beautiful granddaughter who is beautiful on the outside and on the inside. I cherish her

  15. Helen Robertson

    I would love to win this, I am quite and petite and all my life people have taken the mickey out of me ….but as my mum always told me that good things come in small packages!!! Absolutely love the little things range <3

  16. katrina adams

    I would like to win one because as you said they are a perfect mix of elegance and style. I think they are perfect to dress up or to wear all the time. Lovely!

  17. Beth

    Wow, what a beautiful prize.
    I’d love to win this because I love this jewellery, especially the karma bracelet which is not only so pretty, but has meaning too

  18. Paula Cheadle

    I would love to win the heart one of Thomas Sabo’s Little Secrets for my granddaughter, to show her that we all love her and to believe in herself, and get better

  19. Ali Fanstone

    I would love to win one of these beautiful bracelets, if I did I would give it to my daughter, who is the perfect mum to my granddaughter and really deserves some thing so special

  20. Siobhan Lucy

    I’d love to win one of these beautiful pieces to give to my mum as a gift (or try and give it to her, I may have to keep it all to myself :p)

  21. sarah h

    I would love to win one of these beautiful pieces for my daughter. She is in her final year of uni before heading off travelling for a year next year and this would be a perfect little gift for her x

  22. Claire Knott

    wow-like everyone else i would love to win because they are so beautiful. Its really pretty, but the kind of thing that would be last on your list of things to buy – with everyone else in the family having a list of needs and wants first – but the first thing on your list of treats that you would love to have. Its gorgeous – thanks for the chance to win. Someone is going to be very happy to win.

  23. Deborah Clarke

    It’s just a simply stunning piece. I have never owned anything so beautiful but would love to ! Would be over the moon to be your lucky winner. Fingers crossed.

  24. Kyomi Johnson

    I’d love to enter for my amazing mum she’s been such a great help and support since restarting chemotherapy treatment I truly couldn’t get through each day without her

  25. Rachael O'Brien

    Id love to win one of these , I’ve managed to buy my three teenage daughters one each and so never get myself anything this would be a lovely treat ! Thankyou for a chance x

  26. leeanne clifford

    I would love to win one of these as I adore the delicate style of jewellery that Thomas Sabo designs plus, with Christmas coming up, I can’t actually even contemplate buying myself anything so this would be a lovely treat.

  27. Carly Belsey

    Thomas Sabo is a wonderful quality brand and these bracelets are gorgeous. I would love to win one to wear on special occasions like all the Christmas work parties coming up. Thank you


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