Jewellery design? Here’s how with Marlous!
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Jewellery design? Here’s how with Marlous!

My second round for the interview and today I have a talented jewellery designer for you: Marlous von der Toorn will tell us all about her experience. I have already had my own experience in this sector designing some jewellery for my uncle’s business lots of years ago. This is why this interview is especially important for me to show you how the reality looks like.

Get inspired by a great Jewellery designer:
Hi I am Marlous van der Toorn (35yr). I am a jewelry designer of MvdT Collection. Based in The Hague, traveling around the world to get inspired.


  • How long have you been working as a Jewellery Designer?
    Almost for 3 years. 28 of April 2014 I flu back from Bali. The first of May I registered at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • How did you end up working as a Jewellery Designer?
    In 2013 I quit my job in fashion for a trip to Bali, a six-month journey. The first three weeks I run into this workshop jewelry making. In 16 lessons learned to make jewelry of the locals. The first 12 pieces were a fact. Logo latterly designed on the beach with friends.
  • What is your current work?
    Running the business from A to Z. That means creatively, financially, sales, social media, packing ect.
  • What would you like to learn?
    I would love to learn even more ins and outs of jewelry making. Besides that I would love to have all good sourcing points in each field what I like to make or produce. So many ideas, but lack and time of the possibilities where to produce them.
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    No idea yet. So many things can happen. I would love to live abroad in a warm country. Didn’t found my place yet.
  • What is your educational background?
    Something totally different. Hotel management and Communication Creative. After this I designed my own clothing line, people were very enthusiastic, but for me the question was how do I get this of the ground with no experience in this field. So I started to work in the fashion business.
  • What do you love most about your job?
    The creative aspect, traveling and the freedom.
  • What skills do you need to become a jewellery designer?
    Of course creative, but also a kind of all-rounder. Besides that willing to learn and having the power of not giving up.
  • What has been so far your worst/hardest day?
    The hardest days are when your energy is low or not feeling so well to motivate yourself to go for it again. I am quite blessed that I didn’t had really bad failures. I should maybe take bigger risks. They say you learn a lot from your failures. O f course I did have failures, but I like to concentrate on the positive things in the business. If something is not flowing, it is not the right path for me.
  • What has been so far your best day?
    Participating during Fashion week Amsterdam in the show of Franzel Amsterdam was cool and a great experience. My Jewels were presented on all the male and female models. Further I have good days when my customers are happy in all kind of ways. For me is most important that they are happy and wear MvdT with pride. So on daily base I feel happy. 😉
  • How is your day-to-day life regarding the job as a Jewellery Designer?
    Running the business from A to Z is not always about creativity. So a lot of answering emails, social media, making orders ready.
  • What is your work/life balance?
    The first 2 years it was really difficult. What most entrepreneurs experience is that you work your ass off to get there. Every opportunity you go for. In the end this is really exhausting. Nowadays I really follow my strategy and focus on what I want to grow. Besides that I learned to keep my balance better. I give myself time off. Go into nature to calm down. I live close to the beach. Make sure I eat good and make time for that – this is a mature thing you forget to eat. Since January I start to do yoga, I do Yin or Yin Yang classes. I find my rest there, as I am forced to calm down in each practice. Your pose doesn’t need to be perfect and don’t need to force anything. This is the opposite of the daily life routine growing a business. Running a business is 24 hours in your head and most of the time; “How can I do things better”. The business in general is going so fast, so you need to keep up track not get behind.
  • Would you say you have to become self-employed to work as a Jewellery Designer?
    No, not necessary. You can work for a brand, but find a brand what is close to your identity of designing.
  • Who inspires you most and why?
    I am inspired by young cool kids who already follow there passion and see there ambition on a young age. For example: Japanese skater kids Sky (8yr Girl) and Ocean (5yr Boy), Maggie Rogers (22yr), Jaden Smith (19yr son of Will Smith). They all have there own stories, to go for there own passion and inspire other people.
  • When did you know that Jewelry Designer is the right work for you?

When I run into this workshop in Bali, after a few lessons my designs were already popular by people I met along my journey in Bali. And most important the real deal of handcrafting.

  • Do you think networking is important in your role of work? If so, how do you network?
    Yes, it is important. You need people to help you get further, to get your name out. I do it, but I should od it more often. In the end it is about getting away of you desk and go outside to meet people. I visit stores or interesting places to get inspired, like cool exposition, hotels, restaurants. Traveling is an important way for me to meet new people and get inspired.
  • What are your best tips for someone who’d like to become a professional Jewellery Designer?
    Find your own authentic way of design and do not copy others. Find your own signature. In the end people really see and feel if there is a soul in the designs.
  • How can you teach yourself about Jewellery Design?
    Just do it! Like a lot of things. After doing you will find out if it is your way or not.
  • In your opinion, is it necessary to ‘learn’ Jewelry Design in a school environment (University, private course etc.) in order to become a professional Jewellery Designer?
    You need some lessons of course, but when you follow your passion things come naturally by doing it. Like when they say you got talent. So not necessarily. You need to have a base.
  • What would you have wanted to know before starting your work as a Jewelry Designer?
    Not something in particular.
  • What should people really think about before choosing to go into Jewelry Designing?
    You need to have patients in all kind of ways.
  • How would you say would be the best way to become a Jewellery Designer?
    Get your signature in your design, in your photography, display ect.
  • The book/blog you would suggest any person to read if they’d want to become a Jewellery Designer?
    It is not practically about jewelry design, but the book The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho. It is like a small bible for me. After I read this, I directly started to make plans to follow my dreams. The trip to Bali was the start of all.
  • What is most important in your work?
    To have fun! You need to have fun to get further in every step.
  • How do you deal with disappointments?
    I feel it, but I try to look at it in a different way. What can I learn of this situations, what can I do better. Most of the time you realize your not on the right track. I am quite good in problem solving and surge for new different ways.
  • Do you have a mentor? Or did someone help/guide you in your career path?
    I make sure I surround myself with people who I can level with, are full of ideas. A few of them are entrepreneurs themself. You understand and to help each other to get to a higher level. Besides that I have some lovely family and friends who are really supporting and help me out in times. Nowadays I would love to find a good coach who I commit to, so I can get MvdT to higher level.
  • Describe the fashion sector
    Difficult question. For me I feel I am in the fashion industry, but jewelry is a side step. It has a different way. How hard the fashion industry can be, I don’t feel that concerning jewelry. I think it has a much softer approach. Maybe because there is more emotion in jewelry than clothing.



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