New York Fashion Week: Peter Kaiser Shoes
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New York Fashion Week

New York fashion week is over and herewith one of my favourite times of the year.

But I am so happy that I was able to participate in New York’s fashion week for the first time and let me tell the city is just incredible.
I remember Milan fashion week well, as this is the one I am usually following.
And Milan is very secretive. If you don’t know that fashion week is coming up you wouldn’t feel the difference – maybe just while going out in a club, because more models are around, but besides this: nothing!
Btw. I have already been writing an article about the most fashionable places in Milan to visit during Fashion Week. Check it out here.
In New York it has a fully different vibe. The already more experimentive New Yorker give it an extra kick. You can find any outfit combination you can image in the streets and even the once you would have never imagined!! Hipster, high fashion, office, pure elegance, crazy, flower power, … anything can be found!


Fashion Week, NYFW, Miriam Ernst, Fashion blogger, Ralf Laurent, Peter Kaiser, schwarzes Kleid


My favourite Outfit of NYFW:

Something that is super important while walking through the city – and trust me during fashion week you walk a looooot – are the shoes you wear.
They need to be stylish, comfortable and support your outfit.Fashion Week, NYFW, Miriam Ernst, Fashion blogger, Ralf Laurent, Peter Kaiser, schwarzes Kleid
When I am travelling the biggest challenge is always to pack in the right choice of shoes, as they take away the most space and weight in your luggage. They need to fit the most outfits you take with you, support your long walks and look good.
In this outfit I am actually wearing one of my favourite shoes of this fall. They are simple, elegant yet stylish. Peter Kaiser has been a brand that I loved since quite some years, when I found a pair of shoes, that didn’t fit me. To be honest, up till today I am still said i wasn’t able to buy that boot.
Fashion Week, NYFW, Miriam Ernst, Fashion blogger, Ralf Laurent, Peter Kaiser, schwarzes Kleid
You can find this bootie here.
The dress is from Zara. You guys know I am a big fan of Zara, combining good quality pieces with some trendy statement items.
The dress is transparent, so I decided to wear something in lift green under. With the half transparent fabric the colour only lights through in small parts, which I believe gives this outfit the perfect fit.
And then last but not least one of my newest buys in New York City is the bag.
Just outside of the centre, close by to the airport you find the Jersey Garden Mall – to be honest, one of my absolute favourite shopping places! This is where I bought this Ralf Laurent bag for the incredible price.


Fashion Week, NYFW, Miriam Ernst, Fashion blogger, Ralf Laurent, Peter Kaiser, schwarzes Kleid

Where to wear it?

Fashion week isn’t the only place I would wear this combination, but it is perfect for any modern city trip. Paris, Berlin, Barcelona,… all the best places to wear something like this. It let’s you be super fashionable while discovering the best places around the city with your comfortable Peter Kaiser shoes!


Let me know if you like the outfit! In a separate post i will tell you everything about my favourite spots in New York.

And as always, don’t forget to Be Sparkling !




*This blog post is created in collaboration with Peter Kaiser, but includes only my own opinion.




  1. That outfit is gorgeous and I love those boots! I am forever looking for comfy shoes to travel in that will actually allow me to walk and end up wearing sneakers and looking frumpy. Can’t wait to find some similar boots! #CityTripping

  2. Charlie

    Wow so many things to say ! I’ve always loved dresses that are longer on the back and short on the front. I think they give people a queen aura. Also the dots on this one are very chic and the fact it’s semi transparent leaves room for customisation and i love that (like the fact that you were wearing green under it, i think it was a really good idea it’s beautiful). I can imagine how you could make it more suitable for a party or something with a golden, silver or iridescent color under it. Actually it looks like it could fit any style, like i can perfectly imagine someone using it for a gothic outfit by wearing this dress on top of a sleeveless croptop, skinny black pants or leggings (oh yeah that’s cool because this dress also looks like it could be worn with pants or leggings without problem) and just add the good shoes and accessorizes, as much as i can imagine someone wearing it in a more ‘smart casual’ outfit for work by wearing it with vintage high heels and a smaller bag, or in a hipster outfit by wearing it with crazy stuff under it (like i don’t know, a khaki corset, shorts, japanese schoolgirl long socks and platform vans..) . so yeah i really like it, and it suits you really well !


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