Outfit of the Week: Like an Angel
Miriam Ernst, Angel, Outfit, Bronze, White, pleated skirt
Miriam Ernst, Angel, Outfit, Bronze, White, pleated skirt

Good Monday morning lovelies!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and hopefully the great weather.

Today’s outfit is called ‘Like an Angel‘, I didn’t came up with the name by myself, but my dear friend called me like this, after seeing the photos.

Basically the outfit incorporates elegance, power, innocence and truth. That is when I decided that the Angel look isn’t too far from it.

Both, the shirt and the skirt is from Zara. The brand Zara is so standard and still everyone find something that is special to him/her.

The golden top is one of my favourites of this summer. The material is some type of leather imitation. It is simple and sparkly at the same time.

You can wear it perfectly also to a simple jeans or skirt. P.e. I love the combination of that top with the skirt from an older post. It cost me only 12,50 € at Zara.

The white pleated skirt is super elegant and light at the same time, perfect for summer. Pleated outfits are in any case modern this year and with this combination you’ll have some looks assured.

The skirt costs circa 40 €.

Last but not least the shoes. You know by now that I am an absolute heels fan. These shoes are from Patrizia Pepe, an Italian designer brand. I love the light green and white-silver combination. They are fresh and perfect for summer, while adding an extra touch with the rivets.

I hope you like the outfit ! This might be another one you’d appreciate.

Photos: Markus Bielstein. // Location: Gallery Hotel Barcelona.


  1. Goes to show that a very gorgeous and elegant look does not have to break the bank (Except for the designer shoes? No price given there..) It is always nice to see fashion inspiration that truly works, and is accessible to anyone.


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