Outfit of the Week: How to wear a Tulle Skirt

Good Monday morning lovelies!

I hope you are still on holiday and that the daily routine hasn’t yet catched up with you.

This week’s outfit could also be called ‘Strong Woman’, because it gives you a boost of confidence. The tulle skirt is from a low-prices online shop, which however has some great statement pieces – great especially if you’re a person that changes the statement pieces with every season.

The shop is called SheInside and offers lots of different stuff, so time to look for the right element is needed. I love the skirt as it is different to what you usually find in all kind of shopping centres, it is elegant, bold and powerful. Half transparent and half covered it is great during summer without showing too much skin.

Of course there are lots of different tulle skirts out there, so make sure you find the right one for you. You should decide before going on the hunt if you’d prefer

  • a midi-skirt (elegant and more visible)
  • a mini skirt (more playful and summerly)
  • a midi-skirt half transparent (such as I have it)

You can combine such a voluminous skirt with different tops or shirts, but always keep in mind that double volume makes you look bigger than you actually are, so do stick to something adherent when wearing a tulle skirt. Don’t go with black if the skirt is black, as it will take the skirt back to a more boring and simple self – instead use a white shirt to express elegance, something colourful for during the day and something with palettes or other small shiny elements for a night out.

I chose the white shirt to express a more bold and clean image, but any type goes well depending on the occasion. Of course you can combine it also with long-arm shirts or wear a jacket over the skirt. If your skirt is not back you can go with a black leather jacket. This will give the look a casual touch. If you’re going for a black skirt I’d rather choose lighter colours to wear over. A white and short leather jacket or any other jacket that is not too voluminous.

Go low with jewellery as it easily starts to go from elegant to cheap. I chose simple hanging earrings in silver (because of the shoes) but you can also go with a necklace or combine smaller earrings with armlets.

As for the shoes I’d always suggest to combine a tulle skirt with heels, it will let your legs appear longer which is important with all the tulle around them.

In this case I have chosen one of my favourite shoes from Patrizia Pepe. The green lightens the outfit with some colour.

I hope you like the outfit ! Best, Be-Sparkling

Photos: Markus Bielstein. // Location: Gallery Hotel Barcelona.


  1. You look great!

    I’ve been wanting a midi-length tulle skirt for the longest: a really puffy black one. Either thinking of trying to find one when I go back to the States, or try to convince my mom to make one for me! LOL


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