Passing Germany’s longest Suspension Bridge: Geierlay
Landscape, Bridge, Geierlay, Germany

Now that I am living in Germany again I have the need to find out everything about my country the best I can, to tell you which places to see visit and experience.

A week ago I went to see two of these lovely places and here I am showing you the first one:

Germany’s longest Suspension Bridge

As the name is telling you I am speaking about a bridge here. Boring huh? But not this one 🙂

I remember when my friend told me to accompany him to see this suspension bridge called Geierlay, I looked at him like: ‘Seriously? It’s a bridge no?’ – but now that I’ve seen it, it definitely is something to see.

From Frankfurt it took us around 1,5 hours drive to get to the small town Mörsdorf. Parking in winter was easy, but I don’t know how this is during summer time. The walk from there is around 15minutes. The air is fresh and it is a moment to relax for everyone of you who likes to enjoy the nature.

Once you get to the suspension bridge you’ll understand why it is that powerful. It is really long – I mean it should be if it is the longest in Germany ! But it feels longer than what you immagine from the photos. When I was there it was snowing and icy, so it was difficult to walk down the bridge without falling. However my biggest fear was to loose my just bought iphone while taking photos *laught*

But see for yourself, the view is breathtaking, the nature is beautiful and the hight is impressive, especially when thinking about the structure you’re standing on – and yes, it moves!


  • How to get there? By car and only by car!
  • Address: Kastellauner Str. 23, 56290 Mörsdorf (for the Parking place)
  • What to bring? Well, shoes to walk comfortably in.
  • What else? Parking costs 2€ for 2 hours and you’ll have to walk around 15min to get to the bridge.
  • Website

Have you been there? Have you made any other experiences? Let me know in the comments!

Best, Be-Sparkling!


  1. Looking at the bridge, the only thing I can say is that I would probably be terrified to cross it. I had troubles going over a 55 meters suspension bridge in Spain. How long is this one?

  2. tatumskipper

    Was there a lot of people when you went? I would want it all to myself to take pictures! I have definitely never been but would love to go next time I am back in Germany!

  3. I had the exact same reaction when people told me to go see the Suspension Bridge just outside Vancouver, Canada. But then I saw some photos and went there myself and it all made sense. Glad your bridge lived up to the expectations!


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