Blonde hair gone green (SOS!)

SOS green hair !?!

A lovely day at the pool, in the public swimming pools or at a friends house and after some time enjoying the sun and the water you’re on the way to the bathroom, where the shock is awaiting you.

‘Ahhh my blonde hair is green!?!’ 

If this is you, then let me tell you I have been in your exact same situation – and I found the solution. 

I went home after that day – a Sunday – planning on going to the hair dresser Monday morning in order to somehow save my hair.

My mom was the one thinking about looking through the internet – google always knows best. We found 500 different solutions red wine (red and green neutralises) try ketchup (same theory), leave a hair cure in over night (it neutralises de PH level) and so it went on with lots of funny and weird theories.

After all I decided to mix together two of the theories I had found and hoped my best it would do at least a small change in my really GREEN hair. But it did not only do this, but it really saved my hair 100%.

I went back to my beautiful blonde tone that I had chosen for my hair and lost all of the green hair without destroying or hurting my hair too much with chemical products.

So here is the solution to my blonde hair gone green problem.

The Solution to green hair

  • Take one citron’s juice
  • Dissolve two aspirins (The effervescent tablets !) in the juice.
  • Put the mixture all over your hair and let it set in for about 30min.
  • Shower your hair as you usually do.

If the effect was not yet 100% and you have the feeling there is still something of the green touch left, just do it a second time. It really works.

I really hope this helps you and if it does – please let me know in the comments below!

Best, Be-Sparkling.

Photo: Palmira Van



  1. lydia@lifeuntraveled

    I’m not blonde but I can imagine how horrifying it must be to get out of the pool with green hair! So cool that you found an easy solution to rectify your problem and go back to your blonde hair!

  2. Oh My God!! I wonder how did that happen – green colour. It must have been horrifying as well as annoying incident for you. But the good part is you could find the remedy and got back your blonde look at the end.


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