The Be-Sparkling Event 2016

The Be-Sparkling Event 2016


The Blog Be-Sparkling is celebrating its first year and for this we have organised a very special event.

In the heart of Barcelona, in one of the most exclusive boutique hotels we have planned The Fashion Event of the Year 2016.

A networking event for all the fashion professionals of Spain including lots of surprises and premios.

//The event

‘What makes an event SPARKLING?’

This was the question all the time going through my mind while organising the one-year celebration of the Blog.

The idea was to create something unique, special, magical and interesting. Organising an event that is 100% sparkling and therefore unites the three categories: Be-Stylish, Be-Travelled, Be-Professional!


First of all the people, the invited guests where chosen high-profile professionals of the fashion sector in Spain. Style should be extravagant, powerful and notable, therefore the full theme was build up on ‘Avant-Garde’.

The full Be-Sparkling Team was empowered by avant-garde hair and make-up styles to give the images of the event a special touch.

How to exceed this? Let the guests be part of the theme and offer hair and make-up services to all invitees.

I also invited my dear friend Sira from the high class Italian brand SIRA Milano to be part of this important night. Never doing things small, she decided to do her full S/S 2017 collection presentation during the Be-Sparkling event, showing all guests her unique talent and clothing.


In order to get the professional and business part of the Blog included into the event, the full evening was build-up on the idea of networking. Who doesn’t like to meet new people that have the same interests?

Alex Scilironi was our amazing networking manager, who helped our guests at any time of the evening, to make new connections and to meet other professionals from the world of Fashion in Spain.

The fun of getting to know people got an extra hit through our networking-game in which we offered premios from ‘Gramona’, the salon ‘Onda’ and the Spa ‘Aire de Barcelona’.


This was probably the first thing that came to my mind while organising the Be-Sparkling event. It is not about bringing travel to be part of the event, but the event has to travel!

Every year the event will move from one city and country to another, bringing it’s sparkle one step at a time to the full world.

A touch of Sparkle:

As amazing the guests could be and as important the networking is, an event doesn’t sparkle unless you make it sparkle

Details and special moments made this evening different than others, offering magic moments, reads of the future as well as actual sparkle during the event.

//The invitees

All of our guests were high profile professionals from the fashion sector in Barcelona and Spain.

Among others we had bloggers, stylists, fashion designer, event manager, models, CEO of agencies, journalists, photographers and many more.

To give you a heads up, here are some of the guests in our photo call:

//The partners

Without these amazing partners the Be-Sparkling event would have never been as powerful as it was:

The Serras‘ with its beautiful terrace that offered us a unique location of the event. A view over the port and an elegant circumstance.

Gramona‘ offered three of their great cavas for all our invitees. My personal favorite was the Rose!

Piero from the Salon ‘Onda‘ came with its full team to the event and gave not only our Be-Sparkling team a great look with a touch of Avant-Garde, but offered during the full evening hair&make-up do-overs for our guests.

Sira from SIRA Milano, who is not only a very good friend of mine, but also a very talented designer, flew in from the city of fashion Milano, to present her  unique clothing and full new collection at our event.

The music like always incredible when Dj Xavi Pum is putting its records on!

Our special surprises during the event were only a huge success thanks to the great magician ‘Eduardo‘, who shocked our guests with its magical tricks. Esther added a touch of magic sparkle to our event reading the ‘Tarot’ and therefore the future to our guests.

And without Greg from Studio Gregor Art  and Max from  Protagonistas I wouldn’t be able to share these powerful images and video with you.

Thank you all for making the ‘Be-Sparkling’ event a huge success, it wouldn’t have been the same without you all!

A big thanks to my amazing team, Sofia, Sofia and Tamta, without you three the event wouldn’t have been the same!

You have any questions or ideas about the event? Just email us:

And always remember to be SPARKLING!

P.s. all photos are taken by Greg from Studio Gregor Art.


  1. Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

    What a fantastic event. I am sure a lot of work went into the planning process, but look at the rewards! A great event plus wonderful pictures. Congratulations.

  2. Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

    Congratulations on a great event. You must have put a lot of work into this. What a reward to see the turnout of all the people and the great pictures taken here. Definitely a special moment and great achievement for you.

  3. iamsuanlee

    Congratulations! What an incredible way to celebrate with such a great conceptualised event! It looked like so much fun. What a way to celebrate hard work.


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