Top 10 Things about the Maldives you should Know

Top 10 Things about the Maldives you should Know

Today is my birthday and after 28 years it is the first time I am celebrating it on holiday.
During the ITB in Berlin, one the biggest international tourism fairs in the world I was so lucky to win a trip to the Adaaran Resort in the Maldives.
This is where I am celebrating my 28th Birthday today.
It is my second time in the Maldives, both times on an island in a different area.
The first time I was in the South Ari Atoll, now in the North Male Atoll.
What you hear about the Maldives is true: perfect weather, white beaches, turquoise water, colourful fish and palms wherever you look.
 Maldives, Island, Paradise, white beach, white sand, blue water, blue sky
But there are also a couple of things that most people don’t know, so here are the top 10 things you should know prior to travelling to the Maldives:

1. There is fish in the water. And by fish I mean sharks!

Hai, sharkDon’t worry I am not planning to scare you or tell you not to go in the water. I simply want that you guys get it in your head and still come to travel to paradise. Every island has their own reef sharks. Some are small, some are slightly bigger and all of them are okay with you swimming around them. There is nothing to be scared of and if you don’t approach them, they won’t approach you. I perfectly understand how this can be scary or even a “no-way” experience for you, but if you feel like this, just go on a guided snorkeling tour for the start. Once you have experiences the sharks in a group you will feel more comfortable around them.

2. It’s all white beaches, but not every beach is powdery…

… so bring your shoes – just in case! No worries this does not mean, that the views are any different or that you will enjoy the beaches less, but just that there are more corals and that the white sand is not as powdery as some others are. So just bring your flip-flops and if you ave even your water shoes, which is great for exploring the area from the water.
 Maldives, Island, Paradise, white beach, white sand, blue water, blue sky

3. Don’t bring any high heels!

This is more a reminder for me than for you. I am just assuming that no-one is as high-heel crazy as I am, so just go on and jump to the next point. However if you are, then this is for you!
There is no place where you can wear your shoes! No, not even for photos. Standing in the sand with heels on just looks stupid and even the restaurant floors are filled with sand – if they are not, then the way to the restaurant is for sure! So do yourself a favour and don’t spend 2 kg of your luggage for your very favourite high-heels and save it for the next pretty bikini you’d like to wear in the Maldives or your snorkelling equipment.

4. Choose your island wise!

This is actually one of the most important point, if not THE most important one!
Every island in the maldives is different. This is based on the hotel but also on the island itself. Just to give you some examples, some of the islands have a house reef, some don’t have one and some barely have any area without it. So it is important to think about the kind of holiday you’re looking for and then choose which kind of island fits it best.
For me it is the combination of both. I need an area, where I just can go swimming and enjoying the water and a reef where I can see all the fish I want to see. Same goes for the animation in the resort. Do you wish to just relax? Take one just for adults without entertainment and children. You don’t want to miss on some entertainment in the evening? Then another island is the right one for you!

5. The maldivians are moslems!

Before I start explaining what it means for you I will start to explain what is does not mean for you! You don’t have to worry about yout clothing, so yes bring that super tiny bikini that you bought last week! You can surely buy alcohol in the resorts and are allowed to drink it. And no one will ever tell you not to kiss your boyfriend while on your honeymoon. But it means, that if you want to experience a local island you should bring some longer clothes to respect them (I mean you want them to respect you as well when they travel to Germany, no?) don’t bring any alcohol to the local islands and if it is Ramadan, then don’t eat or drink in front of the people living on these local islands. One one limitation is even on the resort islands active: There is no nude sunbathing!

6. There’s not a lot to do!

Maldives, Island, Paradise, flying fox, cuteAnd by not a lot I mean barely anything. However this is not a negative thing, it is just important for you to understand. If you’re looking for a party-marathon and fifteen different excursions in the first week, then I wouldn’t suggest you to travel to the Maldives. And if you’re planning a three week vacation I would suggest you to hold on a second and think about it wisely. The Maldives are paradise on earth, you will love the sun, the sea and the beach. But are you sure you will not get bored of paradise at some point? I mean you can even drink that much fresh coconut milk, that you never want to see it again. So just make sure that you choose the right amount of time for your travels and maybe divide 3 weeks into different destinations rather than just one.

7. Go for All-Inclusive!

Most of the holiday packages you can book will include this anyway, but just in case I am adding this point to the list. The Maldives are not as expensive as you might think – if you are travelling on a pre-organised package, however if you’re just looking at the hotel night prices on the resort’s homepage you will get a hearth-attack. Every extra you are booking on site is on the price level of the homepage and therefore way more expensive than what you’d have to pay in advance. As the resorts are all on separated islands, there is no restaurant or possibility for you to eat outside.

8. Don’t import Alcohol!

Following point number 7, don’t think you can fool the resorts and bring alcohol with you from the duty-free shop, it will be taken from the customs when arriving in the Maldives!
Besides alcohol there are some more limitations for importation, such as anything related to religion that is not Muslim and could be for anything BUT the own use (e.g. more than one bible) or pork.

9. Take a photo camera with you!

You will never take as many pictures as you will during your trip in the Maldives. Wherever you look you’ll see a photo motive, every angle is pretty, every three worth a photo and you want to remember the colours at sunset and sunrise forever!
Even better? An underwater camera! The underwater world is impressive and these fish look like from another world!
 Maldives, Island, Paradise, white beach, white sand, blue water, blue sky, travel blogger

10. There is no weather guarantee!

Yes nearly all year the weather is incredible and the sun is shining on constant 28-30 degrees, however the weather can change anytime and there is no guarantee for good or bad weather at any time.
Usually people say December and January are the best months to travel, but just the past week before I have been in the Maldives the weather was incredible bad and rainy all day for days! In June when I travelled the last time it was rainy season and yes we had some tropical rains, but they just stayed for ten minutes maximum and then the weather was as perfect as ever!

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  1. Maike

    My best birthday experience was a surprise trip to Paris by my boyfriend. It was one of the best and most defining experience of our early relationship. Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Tara Clover

    My best present ever was last year when my partner organised front row seats for me to see my favourite singer, George Benson. I don’t think my 50th could be topped. x

  3. Lauren Main

    For my 18th birthday I took part in a zombie apocalypse thing, where me and my friends got chased around a forest at night by a load of actors dressed up as zombies! Was scary as hell, but proper fun!!

  4. Senja Kaarela

    My best birthday experience was definitely this year, I turned 30 and dreaded the huss and fuss and craziness that usually comes with it, I hate being the center of attention but thankfully my beloved other half knows me well so instead of feeling socially awkward at some horrible party on my birthday I got to spend it at Killarney National Park hiking with my boyfriend, just us, the fresh air and nature around us!


    My best birthday I’d say was last year when I got a 40 second glimpse of my ‘Lovely’ as I call him on video chat…The volume on Bren’s phone wasn’t working but still, it was fantastic to see my wonderful friend smiling after chatting for such a long time…(We have been friends since 2014)

  6. Irene Murdoch

    My best birthday was when I was 8 years old and received the Poodle puppy which I had longed for. This started a life-long love of Poodles and I have owned them ever since, though sadly my Ringo died aged 14 in October.

  7. Alessandra P

    When for my 24th Birthday, I was for the first time working during my birthday, in the hot Milano in August, I celebrated with a nice lunch and gelato with my colleagues and some friends and then, my boyfriend arrived in the city in the afternoon. We drove until reaching in the evening Monterosso, Cinque Terre in Liguria. It was a surprise and it was a lovely birthday.


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